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Cloud ediscovery + AI

Find evidence more quickly and effectively with our advanced yet easy-to-use ediscovery software. Scaling from small investigations to the largest, most complex litigation today, legal professionals rely on DISCO Ediscovery and DISCO AI. We help you get to the facts of the matter faster so you can focus on substantive legal work.

Ediscovery features you’ll love

Powerful AI and analytics
Intuitive search
Robust data management
Seamless ECA
Streamlined productions
Trusted security
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Cecilia Q&A

New Feature

Cecilia is your ediscovery AI fact expert. Ask a question about a case, and get a natural language, evidence-based answer with citations to documents in your DISCO Ediscovery database.

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Cecilia doc summaries

New Feature

Fast-track your Ediscovery review with secure, generative AI. Summarize a long, important, or foreign-language document in one click, right in the document viewer.

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Learn more about how DISCO can solve your ediscovery challenges.

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Transparent ediscovery pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate, per-gigabyte pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for better budget planning.

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