DISCO Timelines

Create your timeline in minutes with AI and easily update it throughout your case.

Easily create and maintain your timelines

Drag and drop any case document to create a collaborative timeline in minutes that can be easily updated throughout the life of the case – all while the opposing counsel is still trying to format their spreadsheet.

Screenshot: Automatic Timeline Creation

AI-powered speed

Upload a complaint or any other case document, and your AI-generated timeline will be created in minutes.

Review the highlighted sections of your document to easily check the AI’s work.

Powerful search

Easily find what you are looking for by searching across all facts, notes, and work product using Westlaw-style search syntax.

Use powerful filters narrow down your timeline by date, evidence, tags, witnesses, and more.

Sort your facts by any attribute you care about with a single click.

Screenshot of Timelines Feature
Screenshot: Automatic Timeline Creation

Sync with Ediscovery

Gain key case context by viewing and searching your timeline while reviewing documents in Ediscovery.

Easily add documents to your timeline or create facts directly from the document viewer.

Secure collaboration

Seamlessly work with your team on a single copy of a timeline with everyone’s work consolidated.

Securely access your timeline from any device with an internet connection.

Screenshot of Timelines Feature

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