Our MAGIC core values

We have developed a set of core values that shape our culture and guide the way we work, support each other and our community, and serve our customers. We call these core values MAGIC:

M for Meaningful Impact
A for All-in
G for Grit & Grace
I for Innovation
C for Craft

We strive to ensure that every employee is connected to our mission and we believe that every employee is capable of driving meaningful impact to our customers and communities.

M for Meaningful Impact

Meaningful impact

We build bridges across teams and projects and value all opinions, perspectives and ideas — no matter who or where they come from. We all work across functions as needed to ensure that we win as a team.

A for All-in


We are resilient and adaptable and capable of quickly changing in response to new problems, ideas or data. We balance our grit with humility and empathy, giving grace and respect to our employees, communities, partners and customers.

G for Grit & Grace

Grit & grace

We approach problems with what we call the “inventor’s spirit,” the idea that you should not accept the world as it is, but instead seek ways in which it could be made better. We are curious, observe sharply, spot issues and solve problems from the ground up. We debate and strive to create an environment in which the best ideas win.

I for Innovation


We are deeply passionate about our craft and believe in the importance of striving for excellence and improvement every day, whether that craft is software engineering, sales or any other aspect of our work. We continuously look for opportunities to become better at what we do.

C for Craft


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

DISCO believes in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strives to ensure this is a core aspect of our culture.
Together, we are working to create meaningful impact for all of our Discovians, clients, and communities.
We do this by aligning our goals to our four operating principles:

Talent strategy
& talent management
& awareness

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