DISCO Ediscovery

See the difference a cloud-native ediscovery solution offers

DISCO Ediscovery offers fast, easy-to-use software and transparent pricing — what’s not to love?

DISCO Ediscovery is a powerfully intuitive, easy-to-use ediscovery technology that delivers more accurate results, faster. DISCO Ediscovery gives law firms, corporations, and government agencies total control over their data, workflows, and costs.

Our users are often up and running on a matter in minutes, with minimal training. From there, they can fly through document review thanks to sophisticated features like visual search and AI predictions, as well as sub-second search results and document loading.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll love about DISCO Ediscovery:

  • Intuitive interface with customizable workflows
  • Native-cloud architecture provides some of the fastest performance in the industry
  • Sophisticated AI included for complex data analysis challenges
  • Flat-rate, per-gig pricing for simple budget planning
  • Securely and easily collaborate with both internal and external teams, reducing delays and frustration
  • On-demand ediscovery services available to expand or enhance your team

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Easy to Use

DISCO’s clean, seamless, and intuitive user interface with customizable workflows, views, and security gives you control over your data.

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Fast & Accurate

DISCO's native-cloud architecture provides some of the fastest and most accurate performance in the industry with 1/10-second search results and 1/3-second document viewing, regardless of database size or complex file types.

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Transparent Pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate per gig pricing model eliminates surprises and ensures predictability for budget planning.

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Professional Services

Our dedicated staff of legal and ediscovery professionals are at the ready to help consult with you in regards to search, investigative needs, and utilizing AI to deliver value and extraordinary outcomes.

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Trusted Security

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), DISCO mitigates risk by keeping data secure, confidential, and accessible 24 × 7.

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DISCO AI applies sophisticated, flexible advancements in both machine learning and cloud computing to solve the complex data analysis challenges presented in the practice of law.