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Let’s be honest, no lawyer is really excited by discovery. However, thanks to legal technology, lawyers have an opportunity to improve the most tedious, expensive, and time-consuming part of any case, and make the process faster, more collaborative, and achieve better legal outcomes. Read on to learn 10 of the best reasons to choose DISCO as your partner in modern discovery:

1. Built for speed

DISCO Ediscovery gives case teams a big advantage due to 1/10-second search speed, 1/3-second document viewing, and unified document loading, eliminating delays that come from clicking between pages. This means our clients find their evidence faster — helping them get better legal outcomes more cost-effectively. For example, a major transportation company facing antitrust claims was able to negotiate a favorable settlement and get out of the case first due to DISCO’s signature speed allowing outside counsel to quickly understand the merits of the case.

“It is fast. Not quick; outright fast. It blows away every other platform on the market. Review times are cut in half, and searches are lightning quick.” - TrustRadius review

2. Predictable pricing that includes the bells and whistles

The cost of ediscovery can be deceiving. Hidden fees are tucked into almost all aspects of the business from data expansion to analytic add-ons. When you start adding in the time lost waiting for data to get ingested, documents to load, searches to run, redactions to apply, or the lead time needed to run a production, the costs of poorly designed legal technology grow even larger. 

DISCO, on the other hand, doesn’t believe you should have to pay more to access key functionality in your software. With pricing for cases of every size or stage — including data archive and vault — DISCO Ediscovery provides case teams with predictability for their discovery costs.

DISCO Ediscovery includes not only the review platform but: 

  • Unlimited users
  • Ingest engine
  • Processing
  • Imaging
  • Productions
  • DISCO Analytics suite
  • And more! 

At DISCO, we eliminate unpredictable pricing models in favor of a simple price for the initial data uploaded — before processing. If you upload 100 GB of data, you only pay for 100 GB, regardless of anything that happens to that data downstream. Combined with the built-in, no-charge functionality and the speed to evidence we deliver, DISCO helps teams resolve cases faster with a lower total cost of ownership.

“The simple pricing structure. (We pay based on GB). I have used other e-discovery platforms and one of the most vexing things is having 100 cost variables, making it extremely difficult to control or predict costs.” - Dan Wilson, Partner, Anderson Zeigler

3. A flexible, secure platform 

DISCO offers software that automatically scales up resources as users need them, thanks to on-demand storage and compute resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. This means you’re never slowed down by your on-prem servers or for server capacity to become available on your vendors’ servers.

AWS provides industry-leading security measures — and DISCO goes above and beyond even those. (For the IT crowd, here are the specifics of DISCO’s security measures.)

DISCO provides a fast, flexible, secure environment for your data without burdening our users and their IT departments. 

4. Strategic early case assessment 

Eliminate irrelevant documents up front with DISCO Ediscovery’s ECA tools. Users see the whole document, not just the metadata, and have access to the full power of the DISCO Ediscovery platform — from fast search to data visualizations. For example, our visual search tools enable you to interactively search or filter your entire document set, no matter how large, with zero setup. Find gaps in the document collection using the chronology timeline or easily eliminate junk data using email domain filters. Answer critical questions such as “Which custodians produced the most documents?” or “How many Excel files are in my dataset?” with a single click. 

5. Build better stories across the life of your case

DISCO’s legal DNA means we understand that it’s not enough to simply review the documents, you need to be able to quickly use them. That’s why we continue to build features and products to help attorneys build better stories in anticipation of trial.

For example, DISCO Ediscovery’s Exhibit Sets allows you to collect the exhibits and automates global changes quickly so that even last-minute movement, additions, or deletions are feasible in order to meet tight deadlines. In addition, the automatic appendix function relieves you from manually creating or updating an index or appendix. 

“Pulling documents together for trial and deposition exhibits is also easy and intuitive.” - TrustRadius review

 6. Work smarter, not harder, with DISCO AI

Amplifying the work of legal professionals, DISCO Al provides robust predictive information gathered from the review team’s behavior. Based on the decisions made by the team, DISCO suggests similar content — and best of all, DISCO AI only takes a single click to turn on. This easy-to-use tool (with world-class engineering backing it up) provides defensible workflows attorneys can explain.

Because the models update every few hours instead of once a day, users are able to take advantage of new scores in real time — rendering decisions smarter and reducing wasted time and effort. 

With the addition of cross-matter Al, DISCO now provides the opportunity to apply learnings from established Al models and use them to boost future cases — getting insights into likely responsive data sets before reviewing a single document.

“Cross-matter AI is improving our efficiency in standard privilege review. Efficiency means clients pay less for technology and our time for routine document review.” - G2 Review

7. Review workflows that actually work

Ever look at a group of documents and not know where to start or how to split work among your team? DISCO Workflow allows you to optimize your review, as it’s fully customizable not just for your matter, but for each new review stage you create. DISCO’s “just-in-time” batching ensures that each batch contains the documents most likely to be responsive based on the most up-to-date DISCO AI model, effectively making each batch “smarter” than the last. That means review teams can front-load their reviews with the most relevant documents and finish their reviews faster. 

Not only does Workflow create less burden and smarter reviews, DISCO’s real-time dashboards track review pace and estimated completion dates to ensure review managers can provide accurate budgets and schedules to their clients. 

“DISCO makes it easy to create review stages with so much control over assigning batches for individuals to review. I am able to track the daily progress of my teams and update the client with completion dates based on the visualization reports.” - Michelle F, G2 Review

8. Reduce risk and cost of productions with real-time QC

At DISCO, we know that you want to QC as few documents as possible, but delaying QC allows early errors to proliferate throughout a document set, creating more work and stress when you are already crunched for time.

DISCO’s real-time QC capabilities and conditional coding help you avoid the additional stress of last-minute QC and prevent errors from perpetuating through the course of your review. By creating a constant feedback loop, users can perform efficient QC in parallel with the ongoing review and catch (or prevent) errors early to ensure there is less QC work to perform. 

DISCO’s real-time QC tools help reduce the stress of productions, get productions out the door faster, and reduce the risk of inadvertently producing sensitive documents.

9. Search tools you can actually use

Many review platforms on the market today employ search tools too complicated and convoluted to use on your own.

DISCO puts our powerful search technology in the hands of our users. It’s not only possible for users to run their own searches — we make it easy. In fact, 80% of the most common searches our users perform can be replicated with just a few clicks from the filters list.

DISCO provides multiple ways to search for documents, like using Westlaw/LexisNexis syntax to build complex search queries using the search builder, visualizing data and drilling down with a few clicks, or using the filters panel to easily see, explore, and navigate document metadata and attorney work product. Exploring your data just got easier than your next impulse buy on the internet.

“The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly and makes creating searches much easier. There is an option of creating Boolean search terms or the much easier Search Builder that DISCO has created.” - TrustRadius Review

10. Software + Services = DISCO Magic 

Burned out on review or short on time? DISCO Review is a powerhouse partner in helping users meet and exceed their deadlines while eliminating tedious and costly work with low value to their end client. While our technology is the bedrock of our services organization, it’s the processes and playbooks that we have developed and the caliber of our team that takes our personalized offering to the next level. DISCO Review is your worry-free solution for document review. Whether your review is 22 million documents or a few thousand, DISCO Review is changing the way legal teams improve accuracy and find key insights early. 

“On occasion, the data challenges require a greater level of sophistication than our in-house capabilities so we turn to DISCO's expertise for assistance. I have consistently found DISCO's consultants to be highly effective and responsive to all of our needs. They regularly have practical solutions for our unique questions and help reduce our stress.” - Larry Mason, Partner at Goldberg Segalla LLP

Ready to get an ediscovery upgrade? We’ll take care of the migration details. Get in touch to see DISCO in action and learn more about how to switch. 

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Caitlin Ward

Caitlin Ward is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has more than a decade of experience leading ediscovery initiatives and advocating for the adoption of legal tech as an attorney. Since joining DISCO, she focuses on helping lawyers innovate to overcome their ediscovery and case management challenges.