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The clock is ticking. Your Rule 26(f) statement and supporting documents are due soon and you have limited time to identify witnesses and prepare initial disclosures. Faced with massive amounts of electronically stored information (ESI), you and your case team struggle to zero in on key information, uncover critical facts, and define the review scope. Not to mention, with one tool to collect data, another for processing and culling, and a third for analytics – many (if not all) of which only surface the document metadata – how well can you really assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and decide how to proceed? Under tight deadlines, you’ve done your best, but are you confident that you’ve executed the very best strategy?

The DISCO way forward

Enter DISCO Ediscovery early case assessment (ECA). We’ve transformed the disjointed, multi-tool experience that makes it time consuming, cumbersome, and costly to navigate analytics, decide which documents to promote, and complete document review. Instead, we offer a unique approach: one database for your matter with mutually exclusive spaces for both ECA and active review. You can now easily create and manage document sets from ESI that are separated logically, not physically. 

The other guys: multiple platforms

DISCO: single source solution

By keeping your matter’s ESI in the same database, you gain access to the full power of DISCO Ediscovery’s search syntax, search filters, and search visualization to uncover sights within all data you’ve stored in both spaces (at the same time), or to narrow your view and explore the data in just ECA or just active review. A toggle switch makes it quick and easy to see the difference between the spaces where your data resides.

Data space toggle

The other guys: require multiple digital copies

DISCO: simplifies data integrity and control

No need to endure the time and hassle of making additional copies or transferring data across databases. You’ll experience seamless continuity from ingest to productions with the option to ingest directly into one or the other data space, and the ability to immediately promote relevant data from ECA to active review. 

Promote to active

The other guys: incomplete data for imperfect decisions

DISCO: full data access for complete context

Never again accept a spreadsheet with document metadata as the source from which you identify your review population.

At DISCO, we believe that legal teams need the most comprehensive view of their data to make strategic decisions during ECA. Our solution includes the same bells and whistles to ingest into ECA as it does to ingest into document review, including deduplication, near-native creation, text extraction, similar document calculation, and conversation threading. As a result, you’ll enjoy viewing key documents in full context, with instant access to email threading and family members and the ability to see metadata and document content in concert. 

While some of the platform capabilities have been reserved for active review only, DISCO AI is available. You can apply the tagging decisions made during review to identify documents still in ECA that ought to be promoted. The scores for DISCO AI tag predictions are included right on your ECA documents, to help ensure you capture all the key documents for your review.

Document metadata


In short, DISCO Ediscovery allows you to perform ECA faster so you can start substantive case work earlier and resolve your cases quicker. Read more here or contact us for more information.

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Christina Turner

Christina Turner is a senior product marketing manager at DISCO with over 20 years of marketing experience in both SaaS and the semiconductor industry. Since joining DISCO, she focuses on helping in-house lawyers take control of their litigation challenges.