3 Ways Purpose-Built Software is Modernizing Legal Request Management

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Is your legal team drowning in a constant (and ever-growing) stream of third-party legal requests? With law enforcement requests, subpoenas, and garnishments coming from all angles, legal teams often handle hundreds or even thousands of requests each month – with no way to ensure they haven’t missed something important.

Managing this volume of requests can be a real challenge, but it doesn't have to be. If you’re thinking it might be time to streamline and modernize your legal request management process, implementing the right purpose-built software for your business can help. 

Consider these three advantages:

Automated Intake and Routing

Manually intaking requests through different mediums is time-consuming and may require hiring more full-time employees or outsourcing to managed service providers – options your organization may not have. With modern tech, like DISCO Request, all requests are automatically categorized and routed to the appropriate team member based on key criteria, such as request type and source – freeing your team from the triage process. This allows them to spend more time on complex projects.

Complete Centralization

Fragmented workflows, multiple platforms, and slow response times are, unfortunately, standard features of a manual request management process. Purpose-built legal request software centralizes your requests, teams, and workflows in a single repository, increasing collaboration and accelerating response times – all while reducing the risk that something slips through the cracks.

Robust Analytics and Auditability

Robust analytics and auditability are tough, if not impossible, to come by with manual legal request management. From quantifying your team's impact to identifying bottlenecks, modern platforms provide a constant pulse on your performance. By analyzing data on request types and volume, you can make informed decisions to optimize your personnel and your response workflows to streamline processes. Even more, modern solutions automatically capture a full audit trail of your team’s request handling for reporting, visibility, and knowledge management.

DISCO has created a winning solution to modernize your legal request management processes. If you’re interested in learning more about how DISCO Request brought a global financial services company from the mailroom to the cloud, check out this case study. Or, if you’re ready to improve your response times (and your team’s quality of life), book a demo of DISCO Request here.

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Kazu Shigenobu

Kazu Shigenobu is a Product Marketing Associate at DISCO focused on marketing DISCO Request and driving DISCO’s competitive intelligence function.