Case study

DISCO Saves Fortune 500 Engineering Firm More than $400,000 in Hosting Costs

One of the nation's largest engineering firms needed to ingest and review 4 TB worth of data (that was likely to grow significantly once ingested) in order to prepare its defense in a multi-party arbitration. Given that the firm was going to be paying for the arbitrator's services and time on top of ordinary litigation expenses, cost predictability and transparency were critical factors in choosing an ediscovery partner.

As expected, the 4 TB of data expanded to over 6 TB after ingestion. Most ediscovery vendors would charge the engineering firm based on the expanded data footprint. With DISCO’s flat fee per GB and all-in-one pricing, customers are never charged for data expansion — saving the engineering firm more than $400,000 in hosting fees alone. With processing, OCR, analytics, AI, and production images included in the monthly hosting charge, combined with an easy-to-use platform, DISCO was able to save the engineering firm over $1 million in ediscovery costs over the life of the matter as compared to legacy providers.