Case study

DISCO Enables Seamless Collaboration Between Counsel, Experts, and Client

An ENR Top 20 design firm brought suit against a project owner for breach of contract and resulting damages following the provision of design services for a manufacturing facility. With more than 5 million documents, the design firm needed a way to collaborate with outside counsel and experts to effectively prepare their case.

Using DISCO, the design firm created 36 users with unique permissions — from organization administrators to specialized access for experts. This enabled the design firm, outside counsel, and three different teams of experts to access and utilize the data stored in DISCO simultaneously, without exposing attorney work-product to experts. 

Not only did DISCO facilitate coordination, but by providing access to the platform, the design firm was able to use DISCO’s speed and performance to reduce total review time and accelerate expert preparation. Taken together, these features enabled the design firm to save money and time in effectively prosecuting their case.