Case study

14 Terabytes. 4 Continents. 6 Weeks. Done.

Leighton, a major construction company needed to respond to a government inquiry within a tight six-week deadline. With 14TB of data (more than 9 million documents), Leighton partnered with Exigent and DISCO to produce documents to regulators on time and on budget.

To meet the deadline, data collected from custodians in Hong Kong was uploaded to U.S. datacenters using DISCO’s High-Speed Uploader, with peak speeds of 6.2 TB ingested into the DISCO review database in less than 36 hours. Using DISCO AI and reviewers across four continents, Leighton ultimately only needed to review approximately 330,000 documents. Exigent was able to meet Leighton’s six-week review deadline due to the speed, optimization, and scalability of DISCO across the world. DISCO also provided on-the-ground project management support in Cape Town and round-the-clock support from the U.S. and Europe across multiple time zones.

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