Case study

Transportation Company Saves More Than $94,000 in Antitrust Case Due to DISCO Platform Speed

Faced with the possibility of treble damages from a federal class-action suit alleging coordinated price-fixing, almost 2 million documents to review, and users spread across three firms, a major transportation corporation needed a solution to resolve the case cost-effectively with the best possible outcome. 

With more than 20 attorneys across three firms, speed and efficiency were key to the company’s decision to partner with DISCO. Based solely on the document load speed (how fast a document loaded after clicking the “next” button), DISCO Ediscovery saved over 313 hours of billable time. In comparing the performance of their prior provider’s best- and worst-case scenario for document loading speed, the company documented significant time and cost savings specifically due to the speed of DISCO Ediscovery.

In practical terms, DISCO Ediscovery’s industry-leading speed and performance saved the company more than $94,000 in attorney fees simply by reducing the time attorneys spent waiting for documents to load. Moreover, by enabling outside counsel to find the evidence they needed faster, the corporation was able to reach an early, favorable settlement in the case.

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