Case study

Review Completed for 88% Less than Legacy Vendor Estimate

A real estate startup intended to use a vendor selected by their outside counsel for a rush review of 40,000 documents. The vendor had provided a $40,000 budget for a linear review — approximately $1 per doc. Based on the parameters of the review and leveraging DISCO AI, leadership from the DISCO Managed Review team believed they could complete the review for a fraction of the cost. 

Impressed by the technology and the Managed Review team, the startup agreed to the DISCO Managed Review workflow. Within three days, two DISCO reviewers had found the vast majority of the key documents using advanced searches and AI-driven workflows. Both in-house and outside counsel agreed that speed at which the reviewers had found the key documents was exceptional. 

DISCO proposed reviewing an additional 1,000 documents to ensure that all important documents would be found, completing the review of these additional documents in just a single day. 

Ultimately, DISCO completed the review for under $5,000 — about 12% of the competitor’s projected budget.