Case study

A Consultative Approach Reduces Review Population by 89%

A video game developer faced a tight six-week timeline in which to complete their production. With more than 10 TB of data from Gmail, Google Drives, JIRA, Slack, and more, the company’s existing vendor could not manage the collection and processing of that volume of data at all, let alone in the required timeframe.

Working closely with DISCO project managers, the company and their attorneys were able to obtain an extension of time to respond to the requests due to the large volume of data. In addition, DISCO project managers consulted on how to structure the review and make the data set more manageable. Leveraging email threading alone, DISCO was able to remove more than 400,000 documents from the review population. 

Ultimately, DISCO’s consultative approach and powerful technology enabled the company to reduce the review population to just 12% of the documents collected, making it possible to make the production deadline.