Case study

Data Security Response Completed 75% Faster Using DISCO

After experiencing a data security incident exposing thousands of their customer’s personal information, a financial services company had 45 days to identify and notify potentially impacted customers. Due to the numerous types of data, not to mention the varied formats in which the data was kept, manual review was the only option. 

Initially, the client contemplated engaging a traditional vendor. With quotes of $400/hour to simply collect and identify documents containing personally identifying information (PII), the client decided to find a different solution.

The client instead partnered with their legal team in the DISCO platform to collectively review the documents to identify exposed PII and customers. DISCO’s team of project managers designed a custom workflow to identify PII in documents and segregate them for review. Outside counsel managed the review while the financial services employees reviewed documents to identify PII and customers for notification. Utilizing DISCO Ediscovery, their review was completed in just one week — 75% faster than expected compared to more traditional and costly methods. 

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