How DISCO Optimized Data Management Supercharges Your Entire Review

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Forensics teams these days have to be more nimble than ever before. Not only does each custodian have more relevant “documents” than ever across growing numbers of applications (from Slack to TikTok) and devices (even your smartwatch is not immune) — but to complicate things, none of these tools were built with ediscovery in mind.

This creates two particular challenges for forensics teams. First, they need to find efficient and secure ways to defensibly collect from these rapidly evolving applications and devices, and second, they need to process the data and transfer it into your review platform so easy for you to review — whether you’re dealing with text messages from one phone or from a thousand devices across a company. 

With so many moving pieces that are constantly changing, it is critical to select a forensics and data processing partner who is not only vigilant when it comes to understanding these changes and developments, but also goes above and beyond collecting and processing data so you can begin your review as soon as possible. If you want to select the most strategic partner, you need a team that deeply understands the intricacies of the review process and can provide expert level guidance from start to finish.

At DISCO, we are set up to address those two challenges because we own the whole process, from the collection to the software itself. Our dedicated team of forensic examiners approaches each collection with a consultative mindset, and ensures that the data they collect is correctly processed and seamlessly transferred into our ediscovery platform. We also have full control of our security and confidentiality processes, which allows us to guarantee that all of those steps are meticulously planned and executed. And the best part? Since we only use DISCO Ediscovery, our clients never worry that their data won’t render properly when it’s time to begin their review. There are three key advantages to our holistic approach to forensic and data processing at DISCO. 

A holistic approach to data means a better end result

Having an in-house forensics team and a deep bench of data operations experts embedded at an ediscovery technology company means you can give us any type and size of data and it will appear in DISCO Ediscovery without having to give it a second thought. To put it in the words of our CEO Kiwi Camara, it works like magic. 

But to make the experience magical, you need to ensure that each step is meticulously planned and executed so that data integrity and confidentiality is maintained. Standalone forensics and data vendors are not able to provide this experience because they are only responsible for their individual piece of the puzzle. Most importantly, they are not thinking about what your data will look like in your chosen ediscovery software. Since no one has complete ownership of the process, it leaves you on the hook to ensure the end product is correct.

When you partner with DISCO, not only do we own the process and think about the end results from the very beginning, but we are also providing insight and recommendations to our clients. We’re laser-focused on quickly and efficiently completing the collection and processing of the data, while also making sure your data is going to be presented in the most near-native form possible in the DISCO Ediscovery platform.

We stay ahead of data trends, so we’re never caught flatfooted when you have a deadline

With the rapid and frequent changes to data types and sources — and the importance of turnaround times in litigation —  DISCO is constantly analyzing new data types and needs so that we are ready when a client inquiries. We have built a research & development team within our forensics organization that stays one step ahead of our client’s constantly changing data needs. Our holistic approach partners our forensics and data teams with our DISCO sales and product teams to better understand what (prospective) clients are asking for so we can have a solution ready before they actually require one.

How Slack appears in DISCO vs the JSON file other vendors provide for review.

Being ahead of the game isn’t just about supporting the latest devices and data sources. The best teams find ways to innovate collection and processing methods so you’re prepared for any circumstance. The COVID-19 pandemic brought on-site collections to a screeching halt — but even before the shutdowns began, our R&D team was already developing new methods to defensibly collect and process data remotely (in fact, 95% of our collections can be done remotely, in a forensically sound manner). Whether creating our own mobile device self-collection kit, or walking clients through our High-Speed Uploader at home, we have not lost any momentum in collecting or receiving data.

No data type is too big, too small, or too complicated for our team

The amount of data that our clients need to process is 100x the size of what they were working with three years ago, and our team does not miss a beat when we receive terabytes of data or a request to process a data type or source that’s new to us. In fact, it’s those challenges that excite us the most. Our endless ability to scale via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our cloud-native infrastructure empowers us to take on matters of any size or complexity — for example, ingesting 14 TB across four continents to complete a review within six weeks. 

While our infrastructure allows us to take on any challenge, it’s the deep expertise of our team that really raises the bar for our clients. We have the technical expertise to collect and convert data into a usable format in DISCO, and offer advice along the way. Clients know from experience that what others consider weird data is normal for us.

Technology + Services = DISCO ❤️️

Our clients choose DISCO not only because we provide one of the most cutting-edge platforms available, but also because of our ability to solve their greatest and most complex data challenges, all within one company. While our alignment between collection and processing will inevitably save you time, our project managers, technical support analysts, and managed review team are all available at any point during your review to ensure that you can achieve your desired outcome. We consistently hear from our clients that they feel our experts are an extension of their own firm. With everything you could possibly need in one place, DISCO is committed to helping you get ahead of the game regardless of what stage of the game you’re in.

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