Every Role in a Law Firm, As an Office Plant

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Two things have emerged for me during this pandemic year: one, that plants are awesome, and two, that they each have distinct personalities. 

Every type of plant has individual needs and motivations. You can have a diva calathea that is beautiful but needs a lot of sunlight, care, and protection from pests trying to harm it, or a spiky air plant that really just wants you to leave it alone. (Yes, it is also possible that I have spent far too much time at home by myself...although, you’re never really alone if you have plants, right?)

Anyway, as I began to ascribe human qualities to plants in a totally normal and healthy way, I started to think about the legal teams we work with at DISCO, and what kind of plants they might be. Whether you’re looking for a verdant gift for a coworker or just appreciate a good plant-lawyer, here’s what I came up with for the legal office as plants.

Partner: Dragon Tree

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A dragon tree is a big strong plant with a presence — it’s something that’s hard to ignore when you walk into a room. That said, it will tell you exactly what it wants. Too cold? Not enough water? A displeased dragon tree will droop or turn yellow. However, a perky, healthy dragon tree has beautiful, long sword-like leaves — and it’s an air purifier that removes toxins all around it, making it easier for other living things to grow and thrive!

Senior Associate: Venus Fly Trap

Sometimes it can seem like everything is life or death with a Venus fly trap, but really they just want the same things everyone else does — to eat, grow, and live. Sure, it has a lot of particular requirements it needs, but honestly trapping and digesting flies is a pretty big job. When a Venus fly trap is at work, it is totally fascinating and a glorious thing to watch. Just don’t try to get in its way or you might get snapped at! 

Associate: Pothos

The pothos is a hardy plant often found in offices. It doesn’t flower, but it’s a highly productive, fast-growing plant with many differently colored leaves (and it makes throwing out all those leaves look easy). It’s dependable and survives in many different environments. Low light? Low water? Lots of water? No problem! You can throw pretty much anything at a pothos and it will find a way to survive. 

Paralegal: Aloe Vera

Sometimes called the superhero of the plant world, aloe vera may not be big and flashy, but it can soothe burns, moisturize skin, keeps produce fresh, and just in general provides myriad services it probably doesn’t get enough credit for. Pretty much everyone knows that they should have an aloe vera in their arsenal. I’m not going to make any kind of joke about it being a little prickly sometimes because, quite frankly, I do not want to be on an aloe vera’s bad side.

Lit support: Snake Plant

Usually planted in a group, these long-leafed plants are basically indestructible and will continue to grow slowly but dependably even in low light conditions or with very little attention. They’re starting to show up in more and more places as people recognize their value. 

Legal secretaries: Lifesaver Cactus

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one too much. A lifesaver cactus doesn’t require much maintenance but man, its beautiful foliage and blooms can just brighten up a room and bring joy to everyone around it. 

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Erin Russell

Erin Russell is the senior communications manager at DISCO. She has extensive experience covering tech and AI as a journalist and editor, and her bylines include Texas Monthly, Eater, and Austin Business Journal.