DISCO Introduces Timelines: A Powerful Solution Set for Litigators and Case Teams

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For many case teams, a centralized workspace for fact management where all team members can organize evidence, develop and hone strategy, and prepare witnesses for various proceedings is an ideal practice for every case.

Yet, case teams are often left to struggle to create timelines using tools that do not facilitate collaboration. Often these tools are not user-friendly, require a lot of manual work to keep updated, and worse, are missing key facts.

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With so much on the line, trying to stay on top of who did what and when (and importantly, who knew about it) between everyone’s unique, offline Word or Excel version of a timeline can almost instantly go from daunting to impossible. 

Time and time again, legal professionals have emphasized that a shared timeline that their entire team can use throughout the life of a matter can make all the difference in their ability to craft a compelling narrative of the case – not to mention avoid key information slipping through the cracks.

Introducing DISCO Timelines

This is why DISCO is delighted to announce the release of Timelines in Case Builder, an innovative new solution set that equips case teams with a collaborative and secure workspace where they can organize all facts and evidence throughout the life of a matter and ultimately, build a more powerful story of the case.

Case teams are using Timelines to:

- Organize all of their evidence to build the most compelling case narrative: Easily create a timeline that tells the most compelling story of the case. Add supporting evidence, tag issues, and incorporate witnesses seamlessly to make the timeline a powerful tool for building a winning case strategy.

- Keep all your critical information up to date in one singular location where your entire team can work together: Work together in the same timeline, in real-time, throughout the life of your matter. Ensure that everyone is always up-to-date with the most recent information – and that no key information falls through the cracks.

- Strengthen your case by including evidence from anywhere: Hyperlink evidence to facts no matter where that evidence lives, be it in documents or excerpts in ediscovery or depositions, or even on the Internet.

- Search across facts by importance, witness association, disputed status, words or phrases, and more, in seconds: Find the information you need when you need it.

Case Builder Timelines continues to support case teams in moving toward a single dispute management platform where they can work collaboratively and efficiently throughout the litigation and investigation lifecycles. With Timelines, case teams gain a full perspective of their case and build stronger case strategies faster. 

Update: DISCO brings generative AI technology to legal chronologies with Cecilia

Timelines are just one of the ways that Case Builder makes fact management and deposition review faster and easier for legal professionals. Want to see how we can transform your practice? Request a demo.

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