2023 at DISCO: A Year in Legal Tech Innovation

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2023 marked DISCO’s 10th year advancing the practice of law through cutting-edge legal technology. The end of our decade saw us expand our global footprint, release game-changing generative AI capabilities, and unleash Lady J – and that’s just the beginning.

Here are some of the highlights:

2023 DISCO highlights

🌅 Meet Cecilia, DISCO’s groundbreaking generative AI solution 

Goodbye, tedious legal workflows – hello, secure, super speedy AI assistance! 

In 2023, we debuted the generative AI-powered Cecilia Q&A, Cecilia Timelines, and Cecilia Auto Review. This suite of solutions eliminates the tedious aspects of litigation and investigation – and empowers legal teams to resolve disputes faster and better.


💬Cecilia Q&A: This chat interface lives in DISCO Ediscovery. Simply ask any question about your case in plain English, and receive an answer based on your documents within seconds — and with sources cited. 

⏳Cecilia Timelines: Drag and drop a complaint or other case documents, and Cecilia will create your timeline in minutes, with all facts succinctly summarized and sources cited. (Available in DISCO Case Builder.)

🔎Cecilia Auto Review: Provide tag descriptions for your large document review — just like you would do with human reviewers — and Cecilia tags documents, with explanations for each and every decision. (Initially available through DISCO Review.)

DISCO’s AI-powered solutions have been bringing legal tech into the 21st century since 2013 – so it should come as no surprise we’re on the cutting edge of generative AI legal technology. 

Learn more about Cecilia.

⚖️ LAW BETTER! Lady J shakes up the legal world

Move over, GEICO gecko! In March, DISCO’s irreverent new brand character, Lady J, came in like a wrecking ball, proclaiming “What is with the lame-@$$ legal tech?” and “Really? My toaster’s got more advanced software in it.”

Since her debut, Lady J and her fiery judgments on the world of legal tech have garnered wide acclaim – and more than 147.8 million views across YouTube, Hulu, CTV, and more.

See Lady J in her full glory here, and get the whole story on our Law Better campaign.

🇮🇳 Hello, New Delhi! DISCO opens office in India

DISCO’s global footprint grew this year with a new international office in India, joining our offices in New York, London, and Austin, Texas.

As DISCO CMO Tom Furr noted, “The Delhi office will allow us to leverage a global talent pool that will allow us to come up with more creative and innovative solutions for our customers.”

“India’s got a tremendous talent of humans who are passionate about technology and passionate about law,” said Krishna Srinivasan, Chairman of the DISCO Board of Directors. “So people in DISCO India get to be part of… the establishment of a category leader that DISCO is undoubtedly on the path to become.”

Welcome to our Delhi colleagues! Read more about DISCO’s India office in mint and Business World People.

🗓️ DISCO launches Timelines

“I love making timelines!” said nobody, ever. 

Critical for case strategy but punishingly exhausting to build, legal chronologies often fall to the back burner – which is why we debuted Timelines in DISCO Case Builder this year.

Now, DISCO Timelines users can drag and drop any case document to automatically generate (or add to) a collaborative, secure, easily searchable timeline in minutes. Build your case narrative at the start; get a leg up on your competition. 

Learn more about DISCO Timelines.

🏆 Champions of Justice! DISCO awarded for pro bono work

DISCO’s EMEA team was honored to win the 2023 Champions of Justice Award from London-based legal charity Amicus ALJ for our exceptional pro bono program

Need to brush up on our pro bono offerings? As part of our commitment to the rule of law and justice for all, DISCO offers free ediscovery hosting for pro bono matters. If you’re doing pro bono work, or know someone who is, look into our offerings – we’d love to be of service. 

🧑‍💻Expanding DISCO Hold’s capabilities: Integrations for Slack, Box, and Google Vault

Remember the absolute nightmare that was collecting ESI from collaboration platforms like Slack? 

DISCO woke the legal world from that bad dream this year with DISCO Hold’s new capabilities for identifying, collecting and preserving data from cloud collaboration platforms like Slack, Box, and Google Vault.

This new functionality comes as the working world increasingly embraces chat and collaboration platforms. With Hold Collect, we’ve eliminated many of the costs and complications associated with collecting preserved data from these notoriously complex platforms – all while generating a complete audit trail. Learn more about DISCO Hold.

🤖 🙋🏽🙋‍♀️ Shining a spotlight on the “Humans Behind the AI”

In a year when generative AI rocked the headlines and upended the nature of work, DISCO asked the question – what about the humans behind the tech?

This interview series shines a light on the humans behind the technology changing the world as we know it. So far, we’ve done deep dives with tech consultants, educators, physicists, and Gen Z thought leaders – and we’re just getting started.

Sofia Guzowski, Gen Z Thought Leader

Are you a human working in AI, or know someone who is? Give us a shout on LinkedIn to nominate them for this series!

🌎 Spreading thought leadership around the world

From talking tech trends at Legalweek to revolutionizing ediscovery (again) at ILTA, DISCO thought leaders took to stages worldwide in 2023 at CLOC, Legal Geek, and more. A few highlights:

Timelines launch and Cecilia reveal: Legalweek 2023

In addition to hosting speaking sessions on AI, legal tech, and client satisfaction, DISCO launched Timelines, debuted Lady J, and, at our after-hours party at The Pool, gave the world its first look at Cecilia.

We debuted Cecilia at DISCO’s after hours party at New York’s iconic venue, The Pool.

Thought leadership and DISCO Challenge at ILTACON

DISCO thought leaders held forth on Law Better, portable active learning models, and AI – both litigation’s future with AI and its present, exploring a day in the life of an AI-powered legal group.

DISCO’s field marketing and product marketing teams in the DISCO booth at ILTACON 2023.

📚Related reading: Top takeaways from CLOC 2023


To all of our customers, partners, employees, and leaders – thank you for making 2023 a year for the books.* We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and look forward to another year of revolutionizing the legal tech world so that we can all Law Better.

*Where “books” means “advanced legal technology that allows you to quit using books and outdated manual tools in your legal workflows.” (Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but you get the idea.)

Want to see what DISCO can do for you? Schedule a demo to be part of next year’s revolution!

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