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Meet DISCO Hold

DISCO Hold is a legal hold platform that automates the manual work necessary to comply with preservation requirements, empowering your legal team to preserve data, notify custodians, and track holds with a defensible audit trail – all from a single, cloud-based interface.

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A legal hold solution for the modern enterprise

Accelerate, automate, and scale your legal hold process

Make your legal hold process up to 85% more efficient by automating manual work with software.

Customize and templatize your workflows to ensure consistency – no more reinventing the wheel for each hold.

Control data storage spend with a one-click preserve-in-place workflow that eliminates the need to store multiple copies of data.

Legal Hold Screenshot
Legal Hold Screenshot

Maintain a defensible legal hold policy with complete confidence – and without relying on IT

Streamline workflows from an easy-to-use, cloud-native application that reduces back-and-forth between departments.

Stay aligned across the enterprise data ecosystem using integrations with data sources, HRISs, and asset management applications.

Rest assured that you have a fully defensible legal hold policy using comprehensive audit logs and reporting.

Do it all from a single, cloud-based interface that’s a delight for legal teams to use

Notify, remind, track, and preserve from a single, cloud-based interface that integrates with all your key systems.

Get your team up and running in minutes with intuitive software – no phone-book-sized user manual in sight.

Manage your entire litigation in DISCO with a platform that works the way legal professionals expect it to work.

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What can you do differently with DISCO Hold?

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Instantly identify custodians

Locate custodians across data sources, groups, and holds in seconds using integrations with Active Directory, Google Directory, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Preserve data in place with a single click

Leverage automated integrations with enterprise applications such as Microsoft365, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, Dropbox, and Code42.

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Manage legal holds with ease

Send customizable reminders, add custodians on the fly, send and track updated notices, notify and release custodians in source repositories, and close matters in minutes.

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Quickly alert IT to preserve device data

Notify IT of the need to preserve or image to preserve devices using automated integrations with enterprise technology management applications such as Oomnitza and Teqtivity.

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Defensibly protect your organization

Maintain compliance with your legal hold policies using complete audit trails, extensive reporting, and security best practices.

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Build stronger cases faster

Seamlessly collect, ingest, enrich, review, produce, and present your data using DISCO Hold with Ediscovery and Case Builder on an intuitive legal platform that supports the entire litigation lifecycle.

Curious to learn how DISCO Hold could support your organization?

Systemize your legal hold process and free up your time to focus on litigation.

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