What our customers are saying on G2

"Far more user friendly than any of the alternatives."

"Huge cost benefit saving"

"It’s a must try - the platform is a game changer"

"PMs are fantastic"

"DISCO Platform is very easy to use and incredibly intuitive. Anyone can learn to use it."

"As an associate, I have used multiple doc reviewing platforms. DISCO is by far the best."

"the ease of use, intuitiveness, and speed put competing platforms far behind"

"made document review simple and easy to navigate"

"it saved hours and hours."

"What a game changer for a law office!."

"I am thankful for a tool like DISCO!"

"I highly recommend it and won't use anything else!"

Benefits of DISCO

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Easy to Use

DISCO’s clean, seamless, and intuitive user interface with customizable workflows, views, and security gives you control over your data.

“Using DISCO’s workflow is incredibly simple and intuitive, yet can power the most complex of reviews.”

Raymond Kim, Associate
Norris Mclaughlin & Marcus P.A. | DISCO Quote

Fast & Accurate

DISCO’s native-cloud architecture provides the fastest and most accurate performance in the industry with 1/10-second search results and 1/3-second document viewing, regardless of database size or complex file types.

“DISCO is the only product I've ever found that can actually keep up with me and can move that quickly. And no matter how big the database is, I mean, I've worked with databases of 10 million+ documents and I work with databases with 10,000 documents, and I don't notice a difference in the speed.”

Dan Gutenplan, Partner
Norris Mclaughlin & Marcus P.A. | DISCO Quote

Transparent Pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate per gig pricing model eliminates surprises and ensures predictability for budget planning.

“DISCO’s pricing structure is easy to understand, accurate and reliable.”

Sarah Tetlow, Paralegal
DISCO's Transparent Pricing

Professional Services

Our dedicated staff of legal and ediscovery professionals are at the ready to help consult with you in regards to search, investigative needs, and utilizing AI to deliver value and extraordinary outcomes.

“Working with DISCO has been extraordinary. I could not be more pleased about working with your fine team and services. I look forward to further projects in the future.”

Larry Mason, Partner
DISCO's Expert Services

Trusted Security

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), DISCO mitigates risk by keeping data secure, confidential, and accessible 24 × 7.

“Previous tools did not allow us to securely share access to the data, nor complete productions independently. There is no doubt I would recommend DISCO to any colleague.”

Craig Hunter, Of Counsel

Curious to find out how DISCO works for your organization?

Speed up review times, improve accuracy with advanced AI, and secure your data while lowering costs with transparent predictable pricing.

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