Case study

DISCO Reduces Document Volume by 60% in Time-Sensitive Government Investigation

Faced with an overdue subpoena from the Department of Transportation, an electrical contractor needed to produce documents as soon as possible. With more than 250,000 documents to review and complicated review requirements — including data segregation for certain users and complex responsiveness standards — the contractor needed a review team that could make it through the documents quickly without sacrificing accuracy or overproducing data.

Using DISCO AI to prioritize documents, the DISCO Managed Review team found 96% of the responsive documents while needing to review only 40% of the document population. DISCO’s review team averaged 74 docs per hour (34% faster than the industry average), even with the complex file types and intricate decision-making surrounding responsive vs. not responsive materials. Ultimately, this saved the electrical contractor more than $100,000 over traditional linear review.

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