We Don’t Need Another Zero: 4 Ways Law Firms Can Lower the Cost of Dispute Resolution

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As lawyers, we're no strangers to receiving big bills (and likely you’ve sent a few yourself). We've seen our fair share of zeros on invoices and know all too well the sinking feeling that comes with them. 

But what if we told you that there's a way to lower the cost of dispute resolution and boost your competitiveness without having to add a bunch of zeros to your bill?

In our latest ebook, “Technology that Lowers the Cost of Dispute Resolution,” we take a detailed look at how advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation help firms to drive down the cost of dispute resolution, and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

We know you’re busy, so we’ve put together a sneak preview — here are four ways firms can lower the cost of dispute resolution today.

Replace legacy document review methods

It may seem trite to say that discovery is an expensive part of litigation, but did you know that first-pass review could account for nearly 73% of those costs? As data volumes and types compound review costs, firms must consider their document review strategies and software. 

Firms should seriously consider a managed review solution that can guarantee an on-time, and on-budget solution — that uses a combination of technology, optimized processes, and expertise to trounce legacy review methodologies, reduce the cost of administrative tasks, and operationalize workflows. 

As the costs of litigating mount, a managed review solution should be an integral part of any firm’s ediscovery strategy.

See why in our latest guide.

Professional services get personal 

It’s no secret that the globalization of legal services, coupled with an increase in demand, has resulted in many lawyers feeling burnt out with less time to focus on professional development or personal well-being. This is where investment in professional services — everything from project management, strategic consulting, and forensic data collection — can act like a force multiplier at your firm. 

Imagine a deep bench of experts ready to support your teams to develop faster outcomes for your clients. Whether it's data preservation and collection and project management, or technology consulting and training, a services function that provides a tailored solution is like having a team of ‘on-call’ experts in your back pocket.  

Moreover, if you also have access to intuitive technology that does what you need, when you need, then you suddenly have the opportunity to choose when and how to engage the expertise you need, also when you need it — a professional service that waits on you, not the other way around. 

Find out what a team of professional services can do to power your next outcome.

Realize the power of AI time and time again 

Do you deal with matters that address similar issues time and again? 

Do you deal with matters that address similar issues time and again? 

Do you deal with matters that address similar issues time and again? 

We’re not glitching out — but your lawyers probably find themselves dealing with similar issues from matter to matter. What if we told you cross-matter artificial intelligence (AI) could leverage your firm’s past and present knowledge capital to ensure your lawyers never have to start a matter from scratch again? Instead, use AI to create reusable models that your firm can apply to cases on an ongoing basis — leveraging your knowledge capital instantly. 

The reality? Never start a document review from scratch again! 

Find out what you’re losing by making the same judgment calls from matter to matter.

Early case assessment in one place 

Understanding the facts of your case early can fundamentally inform your critical decision-making. The earlier you can understand your options, the more confident you can be in your strategy, and the better advice you can provide to your client.

Effective early case assessment (ECA) is essential to comprehending the relevant facts and making strategic decisions.  

If your ECA process feels like a disjointed, multi-tool experience that makes it time-consuming, cumbersome, and costly to decide which documents to promote (and to complete document reviews) — then update your software as soon as possible!  

With technology that integrates ECA, you can enable decision-making in hours instead of days, promote fact-based decisions over gut judgment calls, and eliminate the need to use multiple applications to complete the work.

Prospect a single solution that provides seamless continuity — from ingest to ECA to review — with access to the full power of an easy-to-use ediscovery solution throughout the life of your matter.

Read how the multi-stack challenge could be costing you more than you think. 

Tech is so much more than something you plug in — it’s about creating a holistic, transparent, rewarding network of services and solutions that support the work your lawyers want to be doing for a cost your clients are willing to pay. 

Interested to learn more?

Don’t just take our word for it, read how international law firm Beale & Co. transformed their whole firm’s approach to ediscovery

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