The Accelerating Impact of Technology on Legal Services

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I recently had the privilege of speaking at the U.S. Litigation & E-Discovery ConfEx about the accelerating impact of technology on legal services. Thank you to the conference organizers for the opportunity to explore why legal is the last corporate department without a function-specific technology platform, how the tech industry is evolving from software products to full-stack solutions, and what this evolution means for attorneys.

Not only from my vantage point as CEO of a legaltech leader but also through my experience as a former practicing lawyer, I’m excited to see how the tech industry is shifting to deliver advanced solutions that transform the practice of law. As the legal profession experiences an explosion in data and data sources, an increase in legislation, regulation, and compliance mandates, and a rapid transition to the cloud spurred by the shift to remote work, the tech industry is recognizing the endless opportunities to deliver solutions for our industry.

What is most exciting about all of these changes for the legal professional? I think law firms and corporate and in-house legal departments are only just beginning to realize what a competitive advantage technology solutions can deliver to their practice. Over the next 5 to 10 years, I anticipate legal teams will be aggressively touting their use of technology as a competitive differentiator, highlighting gains in productivity and improved outcomes as a way to set themselves and their work apart. 

If you have 23 minutes to spare, you can watch my full ConfEx presentation below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to my perspective and predictions — let’s keep this discussion moving forward! Feel free to engage with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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