Say Hello to Your Concierge Service for Ediscovery, DISCO Desk

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“Magical” is likely not a word you would associate with contacting tech support, but like everything else about legal technology, DISCO is working to change that. We’re thrilled to announce DISCO Desk, your on-demand team of ediscovery experts.

  • DISCO Desk is a one-click option to access both software and services assistance, without ever leaving the DISCO platform.
  • Users can easily request technical support, ask for product help and training, submit product feedback, and enlist the help of our professional services or managed review teams.
  • Based on your specific need, our ediscovery experts make sure that you’re matched to the right resource.

The last thing you want to do when contacting support is aggressively type AGENT to a chatbot. (At that point, shouting into an empty void might feel more helpful — at least it’s cathartic).

We reimagined support to be more like a concierge service at a fancy five-star hotel: speak with a certified expert who not only fixes your problem but also gives you a few tips and tricks to take with you, all with the click of a button. You’ll never have to worry if you picked the correct channel or reached out to the right partner —  request help for both our cutting-edge ediscovery software and world-class professional services in one place. DISCO Desk is the single point of entry to ensure that everyone can access the level of assistance appropriate to their request that they need to drive successful outcomes. 

With a click of a button, DISCO clients can request a DISCO Desk expert to help with:

  • Submitting product feedback
  • Requesting technical support
  • Asking for product feature support & training
  • Enlisting the help of our professional services or managed review teams
  • Accessing training and continuing education resources

Here are a few ways that DISCO Desk ensures that our clients experience a personalized level of support and expertise with every interaction:

Matches made in (ediscovery) heaven: The ediscovery technologists at DISCO Desk have been specially trained to assist with technical support, product validation questions, and other client needs to prescribe solutions to drive successful outcomes. They provide a personalized level of service and get right to the heart of your matter. 

Supported by DISCO Magic: Say “so long!” to complicated forms and repeating your story to every point of contact. We reviewed thousands of client communications requesting support to create a menu of the most common options, tailored to what our clients need — no more guessing or hunting for how to phrase your request. We’re also able to map your requests directly to you and the matter you’re working on, getting our team up to speed faster, and keeping you focused on your case.

A best-of-both-worlds solution

Even though we’ve made it easier than ever to get in touch with all of our experts, all of the ways you have been engaging with us are still available. If you prefer to keep using the submit a request button via our Knowledge Base, go for it! If you have a great relationship with your Project Manager or Client Success Manager and feel more comfortable reaching out to them, no problem! But if you ever find yourself halfway through a document review and learn that there are another 50,000 documents that require review, your deadline is in three days and you need immediate help, reach out to us via DISCO Desk so we can scope the right amount of help to get the job done. 

Leading with a consultative approach, we share our best practices, provide vetted review strategies, and point clients to helpful training resources so they can continue to get the most out of our platform. What does this mean for our users? They get the answers and the help they need from experts who are power users with our technology but also deeply understand the ediscovery process. 

For more information about DISCO Desk and the magic that we provide our clients every day, download our datasheet

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Meghan Marriott

Meghan Marriott is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has over 10 years leading SaaS-focused marketing initiatives, driving sales, sales education, and customer success.