12 Qualities to Look for in a Managed Review Provider

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Finding the right managed review partner can be the difference between delivering a review on time and under budget and paying to hire more reviewers last-minute to meet a looming deadline.

But how can you tell the elite teams from the duds? Here are 12 key factors to consider when selecting a managed review provider. 

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1. Will put their money where their mouth is when budgeting

DISCO will guarantee managed review matters will come in on budget and on time. We’ll tell you the exact price of your managed review project and guarantee that’s what you’ll pay upon completion, with no surprises about the cost or how long the review will take. Can your provider do that?

2. Analytics expertise

Look for internal experts that evaluate various tools, workflows, and approaches to managed review for the case team. Your partner must have direct experience using advanced approaches like continuous learning models.

3. Alignment with your objectives

Historically, hourly billing on managed review meant a provider would want to take as long as possible. Look for providers that have skin in the game to deliver an accurate, efficient review, like predictable or all-in-one pricing models. 

4. Physical and digital access controls

Your provider should provide its review team (and your data) with top security measures: secure contained rooms, keypads or biometric access controls, security cameras, entrance logs, and administrative lockdown on all systems. 

5. Thorough protection of your data

Expect a robust, documented disaster recovery protocol and business continuity process as well as appropriate security measures on the network, hardware, and all infrastructure supporting the transfer of your data domestically or globally. 

6. Great communication 

Have clear communication protocols in place that delineate communication early and often. Mistakes can be costly, and the longer they take to identify and remediate, the larger the impact on efficiency and cost of a review.

7. Empowered to make the best decisions

Sometimes a nice and deferential partner can be as costly as an incompetent one. Be sure the team is able to offer insight and make suggestions to improve processes. 

8. Willingness to adapt to your organization's needs

The provider should work with your team to understand the holistic ediscovery workflow within your organization and your clients, and draft a playbook that is unique to your organization. The goal should be for the provider to share their knowledge and best practices and to marry that with your organization’s existing workflows and needs. 

9. Price transparency and flexibility

A good provider should offer a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model that works best for your organization (hourly, unitized, or flat). Be sure to ask for a full matter price estimate. 

10. High caliber project management and workflow optimization 

The project managers should be true workflow experts with a deep understanding of analytics — not merely babysitters of your review. Look for well-compensated, full-time employees rather than higher caliber doc reviewers. 

11. Global and/or remote capability

This can be accomplished either via in-country review centers and data centers or robust and secure remote review options. Not every case needs a global footprint, but when it is necessary, ensure that your partner is truly capable to support it in a compliant way. 

12. Ability to innovate

Today, cases are too costly and data volumes too massive to proceed with the status quo. Your partner should be current on tools in the market to drive efficiency. They may also work with you to develop solutions to the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data facing practitioners. A truly great partner should be thinking long-term and evolving along with you. 

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