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These days it seems like shortages and delays impact every industry. From appliances, semiconductors, furniture, gas, and even bacon, you’ve probably grown to accept the fact that whatever you need, you can expect some type of hiccup. That is, except when it comes to document review. 

In a year where there’s been no shortage of crazy and nothing has been worry-free, DISCO Review continues to deliver our clients the ultimate holiday gift: peace of mind. Though delays and shortages might make your last-minute holiday to-do lists more difficult to complete, getting your document review over the finish line shouldn’t be a concern. Here are five things that DISCO Review clients never have to worry about.

1. Time

Many lawyers depend on coffee to squeeze more hours of productivity into a day, especially with end-of-year deadlines looming. Unfortunately, coffee is in short supply due to droughts in Brazil. But even if you’re short on time and caffeine, there’s no need to turn into a grinch — we’re here to help! DISCO reviews documents as much as 60% faster than the industry average. Our team uses DISCO AI and specialized workflows to surface the most responsive documents and may cut review populations by as much as half. 

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2. Reinforcements

In Santa lore, there’s never a shortage of elves to make toys for all the good little girls and boys -- but the reality is, there are toy shortages every year. Similarly, when it comes to document review, you probably don’t have an endless supply of helpers to hit your deadline and keep you on budget. Just like DISCO Ediscovery, DISCO Review can scale as quickly as your matters demand. Whether you’ve been hit with a last-minute review project, an additional stack of documents, or are trying to get a jump on work in the new year, our team of DISCO experts is here to ensure you find the information you need, when you need it.  

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3. Expertise

With the way this year has gone, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a nationwide shortage of experienced Santas. Luckily, we have a deep bench of veteran lawyers and reviewers on the DISCO Review team. Our reviewers have a wealth of experience understanding technology and analytics to power a better review process. We also prioritize hiring team members who have been DISCO Certified and have experience with our technology, meaning they require less ramp time and know how to get the most out of the DISCO platform. For example, this has enabled DISCO Review to complete one customer project in 40 hours that would take an average review team 100 hours.

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4. Speed

If there’s one thing we’ve gotten used to this year, it’s probably shipping delays and supply chain issues. And while those delays don’t look like they’re going to improve this holiday season, lack of speed isn’t something that keeps us up at night.  Typical review platforms enable reviewers to code 50-60 documents per hour, while our team average exceeds 90. DISCO AI keeps us moving faster than a supercharged dreidel while also reviewing fewer documents, which drastically reduces costs and ensures an on-time and on-budget delivery for your clients. 

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5. Predictability

In a year where nothing has been very predictable or worry-free, DISCO Review ensures you’ll have time to enjoy the most predictable parts of the season: your holiday traditions. Whether you look forward to spending time with your family in the kitchen, chowing down on latkes, decking your yard with the best holiday inflatables around, or counting down as the ball drops on New Year’s, we offer guaranteed pricing and deadlines so you can confidently plan all of your festive activities without document review dampening your holiday spirit. 

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Bottom line, DISCO Review won’t let anything get in the way of delivering defensible technology-driven document reviews that reduce costs, manpower requirements, and most importantly, time. If you’d like to learn more about how we can guarantee the cost and deadline of your next project or even an ongoing review getting too close to your deadline, request a consultation with one of our review experts. After all, everyone should be able to experience the (DISCO) magic of the holiday season! 

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Meghan Marriott

Meghan Marriott is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has over 10 years leading SaaS-focused marketing initiatives, driving sales, sales education, and customer success.