9 Reasons for Lawyers to Love AI

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Roses are red, violets are blue, AI is everywhere… but what can it do?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at legal tech’s new sweetheart, generative AI – and the benefits lawyers can enjoy by embracing it.

So, from reducing time-consuming tasks to increasing accuracy, let’s count the ways we love AI.

9 reasons lawyers should be sweet on AI

💬 Ask your case questions like a human, not like a robot

No more tearing your hair out over archaic, esoteric search query-building! DISCO’s Cecilia Q&A, your AI fact expert, is a chat interface that lives in DISCO Ediscovery and can answer any question about your case documents in plain English.

Here’s a sneak peek:

⏳ Summarize depositions in minutes, not hours

Either someone on your team is staying up all night manually reading, highlighting, organizing and formatting a deposition summary… or Cecilia does it in minutes* while you get a cup of coffee. 

Learn more about Cecilia Deposition Summaries.

*Cecilia Depo Summaries can summarize 100 pages of testimony in 5 minutes.

👀 Don’t miss a thing (nor a hot doc) with more accurate doc reviews

If, as the immortal Aerosmith anthem says, you don’t wanna miss a thing, AI should be your review partner. One DISCO customer accessed Cecilia Q&A after their initial document review was completed by contract attorneys and immediately found hot docs the human reviewers had overlooked. Related to multiple issues, these docs had been tagged “relevant” but nothing more.

Using DISCO Ediscovery’s in-app functionality to share the documents with the rest of their case team, the client said, “Look at the hot documents Cecilia just found!” 

We love to hear it. Read the full story in our Cecilia product overview.

🧠 Understand your case earlier with automated timelines

Either someone on your team stays up all night facing down a conference room table covered in document boxes… or you can drag and drop a complaint or any case doc into Cecilia Timelines and have a legal timeline generated for you in minutes.

❤️‍🩹 No more paper cuts

‍With AI helping to power through your document review, you can kiss paper cuts goodbye. (Short, sweet.)

😰 Peace of mind in the face of huge document reviews

Leveraging DISCO’s AI workflows, DISCO’s Review team partnered with a lit boutique to review nearly 1.4 million documents. After reviewing just 17% of the docs in 3 weeks, DISCO Review found 95% of the responsive documents. Now that’s sweet.

🛌 Put the weekend all-nighters to bed

With the time you save by using AI, you can say goodbye to those dreaded all-nighters spent poring over legal documents, and hello to a good night's sleep – which leaves your brain sharp and fresh for doing the important work.

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💁🏻Work with a legal research assistant who never needs a coffee break

‍Imagine having a research assistant that never takes a coffee break, never calls in sick, and can always recommend an answer. (DISCO’s vLex partnership has put this on the roadmap.)

💗 More time to do what you went to law school for – actually practice law

Your org could spend hundreds of hours this year….

  • Tagging documents
  • Summarizing transcripts 
  • Creating legal chronologies (usually at 3 a.m.)
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Conducting legal research
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Managing legal hold custodians
  • Squinting at analytics

Or you could automate the tedious manual work, spend your time and energy focusing on case strategy, and even get home to see your family. Now there’s something to love.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at DISCO

Love what you’ve read? Let’s make this relationship official.

Whether you’ve got stars in your eyes for our easy-to-use ediscovery platform, rock star Managed Review team, or super secure Cecilia AI suite of generative AI-powered solutions – or all of the above – we’d love to chat.

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