Happy Anniversary, DISCO Help Center!

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I would like to wish a very Happy One Year Anniversary to DISCO’s Help Center! In celebration of this anniversary, I wanted to share the great progress that has been made over the last twelve months. Here are some cool facts to show how much the Help Center has grown since being launched in June 2015.  

A Steadily-Growing Resource Center

In just one month after launching, 92 articles were added to the Help Center. During this time, the three top most viewed articles were:

Today, there is a total of 435 articles in DISCO's Help Center. That's 343 more than what we started with, and a 472% increase in available helpful information to get your job done faster, easier and smarter! These articles cover an array of topics to help you successfully use our ediscovery software. The most viewed articles today are:

Navigating DISCO's Help Center

The Help Center is distributed into 3 main sections and several sub-categories per section:

  • Getting Started assists in training you on how to use DISCO.
  • Knowledge Base, grouped into 8 sub-categories (General, Release Notes, Loading Data, Workflow (Review Stages), Search, Tagging and Questions & Answers), provides in-depth information within each sub-category.
  • Submit a Request prompts you to get in contact with DISCO’s support team by submitting one of four available forms: “Submit a Ticket,” “New Matter Form,” “Add Data to an Existing Matter,” or “Deactivate a Matter”.

New Features, and More to Come

I am also delighted to highlight some new features DISCO has launched since the beginning of this year! New feature releases will always be located in the sub-category mentioned above, ‘Release Notes’. These new features include:

Stay tuned for what’s in store in the future for the DISCO Help Center! Exciting things are the horizon and we will continue to keep you educated and informed on what’s new and how best to use DISCO. I am overjoyed at this last year’s accomplishments and am anticipating much more in the coming months.

Interested in visiting our Knowledge Base? I thought you would be! Here is a link to DISCO’s Help Center for your convenience. Have questions? Feel free to contact me at englander@csdisco.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Julia Englander