Fast-growing Ediscovery Providers Wanted for the DISCO Growth Partner Program

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Today more than ever, technology is impacting every function in a corporation and the legal function is no exception. DISCO’s Channel Partners understand the impact that technology can have in the legal function. The program includes established global firms like Ankura, CDS, and many national and regional partners, who have been a vital part of our growth as a company. Our Growth Partner Program is designed for fast-growing ediscovery service providers or consultancies that want to differentiate their offerings with cutting-edge technology and services. We are looking for a limited number of additional partners that want to deliver better outcomes for their clients and grow faster than the industry. 

A market perspective 

In 2013, our founders started DISCO because they were dissatisfied with the state of ediscovery and believed technology could facilitate better solutions. Armed with ambitious goals and a forward-thinking mindset, they built a company that provides fast, technology-driven ediscovery solutions.

DISCO provides software with cloud-native architecture and artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams resolve cases faster with less risk and more control. Selected DISCO partners sell across our portfolio of products, including DISCO Ediscovery, DISCO Case Builder and DISCO Review. Our partner program continues to align with our vision to disrupt the legal technology industry by selling legal solutions that simplify ediscovery, legal document review, and case management.

This is just the beginning — and our growth partner program aims to find legal service providers and ediscovery consulting firms of all sizes in the U.S. and Canada who believe the industry needs to change. As we do with our global partners, we work with these organizations to deliver resources that help legal departments get ahead of the transformation coming to the industry. 

IDC, Worldwide eDiscovery Services Market Shares, 2020: Consilio Leads as Shake-Up Continues Atop eDiscovery Services Market, Doc # US47995921, June 2021

As depicted above, the ediscovery industry is estimated as a $11.5B market (2020), with ediscovery often being the most expensive part of litigation. Lawyers everywhere are being asked to do more with less — yet, a 2020 report from Bloomberg found that legal tech costs exceeded estimates for more than half of firms and one-third of in-house departments in the previous year. Despite the dozens of articles every year touting the efficiencies of cloud software, an American Bar Association report found that 40% of law firms have not made the migration. 

There is a world of opportunity to provide a better ediscovery experience to law firms and legal departments, and service providers that embrace modern technology can easily differentiate themselves.

The DISCO difference

We could give you uncountable reasons why your clients will love DISCO, but what it boils down to is this: With DISCO, lawyers can find evidence faster, and arrive at better outcomes for their clients more cost-effectively. Though DISCO Ediscovery is user-friendly, it’s also powerful — our integrated AI provides robust predictive information and the ability to apply learnings from established AI models to boost future cases. DISCO Case Builder brings deposition review to the modern era, and DISCO Review offers a unique on-time, on-budget guarantee. Our predictable pricing also puts lawyers in control of discovery costs. 

And that’s just for starters — here’s 10 more reasons our clients love DISCO

The Growth Partner Program

It would be impossible for any one company to address the ediscovery market alone. We've established a global network of sales teams to help our partners extend their reach. Partners will be able to deliver better outcome-driven solutions to their clients with intuitive platforms lawyers actually love. For the Growth Partner Program specifically, here’s how it works: 

Partners will:

  • Deliver our world-class, cloud-based platforms, DISCO Ediscovery and DISCO Case Builder, advanced solutions that speed time to evidence, reduce costs and improve legal and business outcomes.
  • If partners do not offer managed review, they can sell DISCO Review and generate revenue by delivering a more complete offering. Partners can sell  their own professional services with confidence, and if at any time during the lifecycle of the case additional professional services are needed to augment their own, DISCO can help in the following areas: program management, data operations and forensics. 

In return, DISCO will:

  • Provide product and industry training and certification through DISCO University to onboard new users quickly, help them to make the most of DISCO’s technology and to advance their legal careers.
  • Work with sales teams directly for DISCO certifications, so that they can sell with confidence.
  • Collaborate on go-to-market strategies to win in the market together.
  • Provide differentiated pricing to increase your margins. 
  • If partners have their own managed review offering, DISCO will invest in training partners on how our technology and workflows can extract differentiated levels of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. 

Sound good? Get in touch!

If you are tired of status quo selling and are ready to disrupt the market in a big way, we’d love to talk to you about the DISCO Growth Partner Program. 

Learn more here on how to get started. We can’t wait to help you win!

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