Ediscovery Business as Usual in Unusual Times

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There is a .125 micron virus fundamentally changing the way people interact, travel, and conduct business. COVID-19, the virus that causes the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has caused world leaders and individuals to reevaluate their supply chains and interpersonal interactions. The practice of law and ediscovery is no different. Court closures, travel bans, and mandates to shelter in place have created a perfect storm for litigants and subjects of investigation seeking to meet ediscovery obligations. 

Not long ago, before mandated social distancing and the necessity of working from home, the approach to data collection was time consuming and much more manual. The pre-COVID approach to data collection entailed physically sending a team member to extract data, saving it on an encrypted drive, and shipping it to a physical office of a service provider who would then extract, stage, and process the data. The old normal was time-consuming and inefficient, there is a new normal practitioners can leverage to mitigate these challenges.

Thankfully, there are tools and organizations to help practitioners meet their commitments without running afoul of quarantine mandates or exposing their employees or peers to undue risk. DISCO built a native high-speed uploader to address the annoying lag time and latency experienced when collecting data in a traditional manner, bypassing physical drives and the trusty delivery guy in favor of enabling users to securely collect data from local machines and network drives then rapidly upload data for ediscovery review. This rapid and remote data collection mechanism is incredibly impactful when acquiring and/or sending physical media is impractical if not impossible. 

What is DISCO’s high-speed uploader?

Traditionally, data collection and transfer for review has been a cumbersome and slow process involving several manual steps across multiple applications. For large volumes of data, shipping hard drives via snail mail due to poor internet transfer speeds was often necessary. Today, instead of relying on physical media and or sending forensic experts to collect data in person, clients of DISCO can collect and transfer data in place, skipping the need to zip data for transfer.

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This technology provides a 14x improvement over traditional file transfer methods and 10% improvement over leading file transfer acceleration technologies such as Aspera. DISCO’s high-speed uploader is powered by DISCO’s integration with Amazon Web Services, specifically their new S3 Transfer Acceleration technology.

Using DISCO’s high-speed uploader, practitioners can self-select and ingest large volumes of data directly to DISCO, bypassing FedEx and minimizing data security risk by eliminating the intermediary steps and multiple softwares generally required to forensically collect data. In DISCO’s high-speed uploader, data is encrypted in transit and rest and the cybersecurity posture is further supported by collection in place, which reduces the opportunity for data leakage.

How does DISCO’s high-speed uploader help in a COVID-19 world?

While the global business world has ground to a virtual stop in the short term, the need for social distancing will not indefinitely necessitate economic and business distancing. As we begin to establish a new normal personally and professionally, the need to minimize unnecessary physical shipment and human interaction will likely remain. Alternative approaches that focus on physical security and cybersecurity without sacrificing speed can and should be leveraged whenever possible. 

Although it may feel a bit like the world is standing still while waiting on COVID-19 to run its course, business and legal needs will begin to pick back up again in the coming weeks. While it may not fully be “business as usual” as the need for some level of social distancing will likely persist, there are ways to meet your legal obligations without subjecting yourself or team to risk of exposure. DISCO’s high speed uploader, remote managed review, and cloud-native solutions all help practitioners meet these needs in the new normal.

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