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The majority of educational tech materials are tailored for those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new hires who are excited to dive in. But after a 1-2 day onboarding crash course, their bright eyes are a little more bleary, bushy tails a little less voluminous, and they might think they need a life vest. 

When I was a software trainer, my objective was to get new users comfortable and confident enough to get themselves out of the “sink or swim” phase, but the road ended there. After that, they were left to their own devices to optimize their skills with “continuing education” resources, which is code for new feature training (which might as well be an extension of the getting started curriculum). 

At DISCO, we believe that training and educational content should help you use our platforms regardless of your proficiency, while also providing you the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.  DISCO University and Certifications check all of those boxes and more, all while ensuring users at every level can improve their ediscovery skills: 

  • DISCO University is tailored for specific roles, job functions, learning styles, and proficiency levels to ensure that all of our users can benefit from our program (not just system admins). 
  • DISCO University is built with the most advanced learning technology available, letting our content truly shine. 
  • We don’t have arbitrary requirements in order for you to earn a DISCO Certification -- if you’re ready to take the exam without any of our courses, go for it! 

One size does not fit all

“Drinking from the firehose” is used all too often to describe what it’s like to start a new job. But the thought of actually trying to drink from a firehose sounds awful, so why would we want the experience to be like that?

DISCO University’s primary goal is to make our users more successful utilizing our product while also helping them become stronger ediscovery professionals. We thought about all of the things we loved and despised about new user training and continuing education opportunities (or lack thereof). Regardless of the role or experience level, when it comes to creating instructional materials for working professionals, one size does not fit all. DISCO University is tailored for specific roles, job functions, learning styles, and proficiency levels to ensure that all of our users can benefit from our program (not just system admins). We partnered with industry experts and the best ediscovery technologists in the business to ensure DISCO University is built for lawyers based on today’s challenges and use cases.

  • Tailored learning plans: We organized content in meaningful ways, both in role-based and task-based formats that satisfy the learning needs of new and existing users. Regardless of your proficiency, you have access to all of our content so you can become an expert in your current role and expand your ediscovery expertise by learning new skills in other learning plans. 
  • Put new skills to work ASAP: We make it easy to find the resources that you need to do your job right now. Whether you’re looking for a refresher search syntax or you’re looking to quickly expand your QC skill set, our variety of short-form content reinforces how working adults learn best, allowing you to apply skills immediately to your review efforts, in five minutes or less.
  • Live classes & office hours: Everyone has a different learning style, so DISCO University offers a variety of content to not only meet those needs but keep our users engaged. We have a plethora of snackable videos, interactive modules, live classes with industry experts, and office hours so you can get one-on-one time with DISCO Certified experts.

Not your average learning solution 

Any negative connotations you have about work learning programs (boring, waste of time, snoozefest, etc.)  are exactly the aspects that we wanted to avoid as we built DISCO University. We know that technology matters, so we partnered with a learning management system (LMS) just as innovative as DISCO. It helped us create a spectacular learning environment that’s intuitive and easy to use, just like DISCO products.

  • Modern and intuitive UI: Even with the most interesting content, if you’re stuck using a clunky, antiquated learning platform built on outdated technologies, it diminishes the overall experience. We found the LMS equivalent of DISCO and built DISCO University with the most advanced learning technology available, making our already interesting content truly shine.     
  • Powerful search capabilities: Whether you’re starting a new job or you’re in the middle of QC’ing a production and you need to confirm you’re doing it right, the last thing you have time for is figuring out what to search for. Users can easily type what they’re looking for in and we’ll look through all of our content, associated metadata, OCRs, and other external links to make sure we surface exactly what you need when you need it. 
  • On-demand learning: We know that you’re busy and sitting in front of your computer to take a class might not be realistic (or enjoyable). DISCO University is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, meaning you can interact with our content anywhere at any time. With most of our modules being five minutes or less, nothing is stopping you from enhancing what you know, and prepare you for what you want to achieve. 

Laser-focused on your success

DISCO is invested in playing a major role in building the next generation of successful ediscovery experts. We believe that DISCO University will help legal professionals obtain the knowledge and skills to excel in their current ediscovery jobs and take their career aspirations to new heights. To assist in that endeavor, we have also launched four, role-specific Certifications so users can prove to the industry and their peers that they are leaders in their field with next-generation experience.

  • Backed by the best in the business: We partnered with industry experts and ediscovery technologists to ensure that our content, best practices, and review strategies are based on real-world situations that legal professionals experience today.
  • No strings attached: We don’t demand that you spend more time clicking buttons or staring at a screen before you can take a crack at getting DISCO Certified (unlike other legal technology providers). If you feel like you’re ready to take one of our Certification exams without utilizing our programs, go for it! What matters to us is that you get what you need, not following a specific path. And if you do not pass, no worries - we’ll suggest learning materials based on your results that will reinforce those weak spots. 
  • Certified bragging rights: We want to celebrate and reward you for your ediscovery expertise and for being a pioneer in the future of legal technology, with the badge to prove it (and some sweet swag if you got your certification early).  (unlike other technology partners who require passing a certification exam before you gain access to their platform). 

If you made it this far, I’m assuming that you’d love to learn more about DISCO University and Certifications! Head on over to learn.csdisco.com to see how we can help you level up your ediscovery game. 

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Meghan Marriott

Meghan Marriott is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has over 10 years leading SaaS-focused marketing initiatives, driving sales, sales education, and customer success.