Combining Law and Engineering: A Look at DISCO’s New Brand

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With all of the exciting and innovative new features that DISCO has been working on lately, we thought this was the perfect time for a makeover -- making DISCO look as great on the outside as it does on the inside.

We put a lot of careful consideration into the decisions that guided this rebrand, and are exceptionally proud of the results.

Why are we rebranding?

We have grown rapidly since DISCO first started way back in 2013, and we needed a brand that could express not only who we are, but also where we are today. DISCO combines world-class engineering with deep legal expertise unlike any other company today. We are innovative and disruptive in ways that set us apart from our peers so we set out to create a brand that embodied these same characteristics.



Finding ourselves

Our marketing team set about on a journey to identify the exact elements that define DISCO’s unique value. These four core brand attributes describe how DISCO actually operates today, and can help us make decisions about what to do next. Ideally, anything that DISCO creates to share with the world can be described with all four of these attributes. Plus, they conveniently give us the acronym FOUR.



 A square peg in a round hole

With our FOUR core brand attributes in mind, we kept returning to the concept of law+engineering for our new brand. Rather than combining these disciplines to create some sort of legal-engineer, DISCO empowers lawyers and engineers to work side-by-side, hand-in-hand. Refining and simplifying our ideas, we eventually arrived on a circle and a square, together. The juxtaposition of these two basic shapes creates a memorable symbol and encapsulates DISCO’s vision for the future of legal technology.


Building a brand

We combined these elements with a vibrant color palette and a geometric type family that set us apart from our rivals and look at home in the cloud.



The true power of this brand comes not from the logo, but from its use across applications. Our circles and squares can be combined together in endless combinations to create compositions and a system far greater than the sum of their parts. These vibrant compositions can add fun and whimsy to the oftentimes dry world of legal technology, but they also demonstrate the power and excitement that DISCO brings to the market.




The Future of Legal Technology

At DISCO, we believe the future of the law is great lawyers empowered by great technology, and we want to show that in everything we produce. Expect to see more of these bold and vibrant designs as we continue our mission of providing technology and services that empower you to deliver exceptional legal results.

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Judson Hermans