9 Legal Professionals Predict the Legaltech Headlines of 2021

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This year’s headlines have been quite a wild ride: worldwide shutdowns, murder hornets, mystery seeds from China, and confirmed UFOs. With a new year thankfully on the way, we decided to challenge notable legal experts to predict what the future will hold. We asked lawyers, professors, ediscovery experts, and even our executive suite to predict headlines for 2021. 

A common theme was the expansion of our virtual world. Many predicted that the work from home revolution will continue — that law offices will be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Others foresaw acquisitions and breaches. There was also a bright spot of optimism out of all the predictions: lots of hugs.

Read on for 2021 headline predictions from legal experts.

Kiwi Camara


Docusign acquires Kira, expands contracts suite to diligence

Salesforce acquires Docusign, adding to growing contract suite

Cristin Traylor

Discovery Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP

Pandemic ushers in a new era of communication and connection

The art of the get-to-know-you Zoom and authentic conversations

Even competitors are working together now — and the industry benefits

Jonathan Maas

The Maas Consulting Group

Ediscovery service provider falls foul of tightening privacy laws 

Disclosure pilot scheme extended to end of 2022, working party announces

Microsoft buys Zoom, Cisco shutters WebEx

Global law firm hit by cyberattack, loses entire DMS

Legal cloud service evaporates overnight amidst backup backlash

Stephanie Clerkin

Director of Litigation Support, Korein Tillery

Lots of hugging at latest legaltech conference (Though I don’t think this will happen in 2021!)

Conferences, offices, and VCs embrace virtual avatar technology

Scott Milner

Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Op-ed: If there’s ever a time for technology to drive change, it’s now. 

How has discovery changed 2021 with a full-time remote workforce?

Will this be the end of managed review centers? How lifting geographic barriers can create all-star review teams.

Joe Regalia

Law Professor, UNLV and co-founder, write.law

Judges and lawyers agree: Virtual hearings remain cheaper and faster than showing up in person

It's not just for Biglaw anymore: Solos now using ediscovery tools in their everyday practice 

Tom Morrissey

Senior Director of Legal Operations & Ediscovery, Purdue Pharma LP

Individuals and companies will use a wide variety of technologies on a daily basis to offer the best products, help increase revenue, track customer satisfaction and to make business decisions to minimize risk. They will need to engage law firms and vendors to litigate matters as matters arise.

(I prefer to make "safe" predictions as I am a low risk prediction follower) 

Michael Lafair


Social media Section 230 revised to narrow immunity shield

Caroline Hall

Former Litigator and Client Advocacy Manager, DISCO

The end of the physical law office, the rise of the rentable conference room

Courts overwhelmed trying to make up for all the 2020 postponements

Mediations more important than ever as courts are continuing to postpone trials

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