From Discovery to Compliance, Direct Lending Investments Chooses DISCO

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DISCO Simplifies Data Search and Review, Reduces Time and Burden in Relation to Internal Reviews, and Lowers Costs

AUSTIN — November 7, 2018 — DISCO is far more than discovery. Direct Lending Investments (DLI), a private credit manager primarily focused on specialty finance, selected DISCO not only as its discovery partner for its litigation matters and internal reviews, but also as its solution of choice for regulatory compliance matters.

DLI first started using DISCO when it sought to modernize and improve its discovery processes for litigation matters and internal reviews. The company was frustrated with its prior solution that was slow and inefficient. As DLI looked for a cloud-based solution that would enable it to always leverage the latest technologies, DISCO’s software as a service delivery, advanced features such as artificial intelligence, speed, and ease of use made it the obvious choice to replace its existing discovery system.

A Single Platform for Discovery and Compliance

As the company grew and its regulatory needs increased, DLI needed a solution that enabled its in-house legal, compliance and executive teams to effectively and easily search and review company communications such as emails.

Although DLI already had an email archiving solution and a cloud-based email system in place, these solutions were inefficient for search and review, and slowed down its ability to quickly and easily conduct internal reviews. Frustrated with the typical offerings designed to help organizations meet discovery and compliance obligations, it occurred to the company that it already had a next-generation solution in place with all the capabilities they needed to address its needs — DISCO.

“When we experienced how fast, efficient, and accurate DISCO was for searches in our discovery matters, we realized it was also the best solution to help our compliance team conduct internal reviews, so we can keep most of our focus on our core business and investors,” said Brendan Ross, DLI founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The innovation that DISCO brings to its platform is simply not seen in other solutions, and as we continue to incorporate features such as artificial intelligence into our operations and innovate our business through technology, we are excited to call DISCO a partner.”

Ease of Use and Cost Savings Differentiate DISCO

DISCO makes it easy for all users at DLI — even those without a legal background — to run document reviews and production for litigation as well as internal reviews.

DISCO brings a modern design users are demanding from their business applications that, in addition to allowing customized and highly effective complex searches, replicates the simple searches they are accustomed to in their consumer search products such as Google. With only basic training required to get users up and running, disparate teams, including outside counsel, can quickly and easily collaborate on search and review efforts to address the matter at hand, and expertly meet its review and production obligations.

DLI is also able to save money through its use of DISCO by substantially reducing the need to rely on outside counsel or vendor services for each document search and review.

“Organizations are moving away from the long, complicated and expensive search experiences and demanding a more agile solution that enables immediate response and action,” said Tripp Hemphill, DISCO vice president of enterprise markets. “From litigation to compliance, when it comes to quickly and easily finding what’s important to develop and understand the facts, DISCO is the best solution for the job.”


DISCO is the leading provider of ediscovery solutions for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. With technology and services that automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law, DISCO empowers lawyers and their teams to effectively manage discovery processes. DISCO is the ediscovery choice of leading U.S. law firms including litigation boutiques and AmLaw, Fortune 500 companies, as well as government agencies around the world.


Laura Wooster

DISCO Public Relations