DISCO Showcases Product Momentum and Expansive Vision Designed to Accelerate AI Innovation at ILTACON

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Legal tech company launches AI Timelines, prepares for general availability of Cecilia, and offers a glimpse into its next generation of AI products

ORLANDO, Florida – ILTACON 2023 – August 22, 2023 — DISCO (NYSE: LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today the launch of AI Timelines as part of DISCO Case Builder.  AI Timelines is a new feature designed to automatically generate timelines by uploading preexisting legal documents including formal complaints, review protocols, or internal memos. AI Timelines is intended to automate previously tedious and time-consuming tasks in order to facilitate the handling of complex client disputes, allowing legal professionals to focus more on the work that matters the most. 

DISCO recently announced that Cecilia has been made available to a select group of customers in private access ahead of general availability later this year. DISCO Cecilia is an industry-first solution designed to combine the latest advances in large language models, natural language processing and generative AI, in order to significantly improve ediscovery and legal review processes. Cecilia should accelerate insights and allow attorneys to interrogate their evidence — literally — to determine the more compelling facts of their case, providing answers to natural language questions along with supporting documents. 

“DISCO has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions that help drive efficiencies and deliver better outcomes. Through our AI innovation lab, we have spent years developing new technologies directed at a variety of legal use cases, and we are committed to bringing real and sustainable AI to the industry,” said Kevin Smith, DISCO’s Chief Product Officer. “We’ve been hearing more from clients and prospects who are looking to understand how they can integrate generative AI into their businesses. With Cecilia and our other exciting products, DISCO is envisioning a future where lawyers can assess facts and evidence in a much more efficient and precise way.”

Legal professionals at ILTACON looking to learn more about DISCO’s evolving AI-enabled platform as well as ways to speed up your legal workflows and fact management, can visit booth #315 or sign up for an on-site executive briefing. Visit csdisco.com/iltacon to learn more.