DISCO Launches Rapid Ingest File Transfer Improving Data Transfer and Ingestion by 14x

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DISCO's 2.7x growth in revenue fuels continued innovation with the release of RIFT (Rapid Ingest File Transfer) technology, enhanced document viewer for Excel, and improvements in email conversation detection and analysis

Houston, Texas — CS Disco Inc. today announced a major update to its ediscovery software, DISCO, with new features including DISCO’s Rapid Ingest File Transfer (RIFT), an enhanced document viewer for Excel, and a self-educating content analytics engine for both native and produced email image files. Optimized for enterprise ediscovery, DISCO is now the fastest end–to–end ediscovery software for collections, transfer, processing, early case assessment, review, and production. “In 2017 we saw our engineering team grow by 48%. This growth and our unwavering commitment to innovation have allowed us to outpace our competition and once again create first-to-market advancements in our technology that solves very difficult, real-world problems for our clients,” said CEO and founder Kiwi Camara. “We will see this trend only accelerate in 2018.”

Traditionally, data collection, transfer, and ingestion for review have been a cumbersome and time-consuming process involving manual steps across multiple applications. Also, file transfer for large volumes of data has required shipping hard drives via FedEx due to poor internet transfer speeds and data transfer failures. DISCO resolves these issue through its new collection and transfer technology, RIFT (Rapid ingest File Transfer). RIFT allows users to securely collect data from local machines and network drives then rapidly transfer and ingest it for ediscovery review. RIFT offers a 14x improvement over traditional file transfer methods and provides a 10% improvement over leading file transfer acceleration technologies such as Aspera. This is made possible through DISCO’s integration with Amazon Web Services, specifically their new S3 Transfer Acceleration technology.

The industry has gained significant value from the analysis of email threading and inclusive email identification, typically reducing review volumes by up to 35%. However, this process has traditionally been unavailable when dealing with imaged documents. DISCO has expanded its existing conversation threading, and inclusive email capabilities to now analyze image documents. This is achieved through a self–educating heuristic that decides if each portion of the message is relevant to the conversation or if content such as Bates stamps can be ignored for threading and inclusivity. When emails lack metadata, DISCO also extracts and populates common email fields such as to, from, cc, bcc, and subject based on its analysis of the image. These automated processes maximize search potential during early case assessment and can significantly reduce the amount of time required to review email conversations.

“DISCO’s features saved my client tens of thousands of dollars at the mediation table because I was the only attorney in the room who had a command over all documents in the case.” – Greg Sautter, Assistant City Attorney at City of Minneapolis

Historically, reviewing Excel files has been problematic due to large file sizes, complex formatting, hidden content, and non–paginated data. This has meant slow document loading and a sub-par review experience, inevitably leading users to download the native file and open it in Excel to review. DISCO’s enhanced document reviewer for Excel delivers a native-like review experience without the need for any browser plugins or downloads. Within DISCO, users can search spreadsheet text and formulas, navigate across sheets, toggle charts on or off to reveal covered text, and even show and hide hidden content with a single click. This is made possible while maintaining DISCO’s unmatched – a third of a second – document loading speeds.

“The market’s response to DISCO in the past year speaks volumes,” responded CMO Neil Etheridge when asked about the company’s forecast for 2018. “With 270% growth in revenue and over $50M of secured funding, we are cementing our position as the leader in cloud-native ediscovery technology.”

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