DISCO Cecilia Enters Private Access, Currently Live Across Select Client Databases

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Cecilia allows lawyers to ask natural language questions and receive narrative answers with citations to evidence drawn from private ediscovery databases

DISCO (NYSE: LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today that DISCO Cecilia, an AI for large-scale ediscovery, will be made available for private access and is currently live and integrated within select client databases. Cecilia is designed to allow lawyers to interrogate their data faster and more efficiently and accelerate insights into data, witnesses, and events. Unlike chatbots that answer questions based only on public data sources or the Internet, Cecilia provides answers based on the user’s private documents in a DISCO Ediscovery database. 

Cecilia combines the work of DISCO’s AI lab with the latest advances in large language models and generative AI. Unlike solutions that rely on sending confidential data to broadly used models via simple APIs, DISCO’s design blends a mix of proprietary technology including natural language processing, generative AI, and advanced search technologies. DISCO remains committed to the premise that client data should remain private and secure. 

“We’ve seen growing interest from lawyers who are excited at the prospect of using generative AI technology in their cases. DISCO Cecilia is designed to enable lawyers to simply ask the ultimate question and get a direct answer, with citations to supporting evidence, dramatically accelerating fact investigation in a dispute,” said Liad Levinson, DISCO’s Senior Director, Product Management. “DISCO’s mission is to build products that make the law work better. With Cecilia, we are solving real problems lawyers have through more efficient review and faster access to facts.”

“We look forward to working closely with customers as we roll out our generative AI capability, which we believe will help clients solve real-world issues. We anticipate future innovations that will continue our leadership around AI, including AI to help generate chronologies, analyze evidence, and augment case strategy at scale,” said Kevin Smith, DISCO’s Chief Product Officer. “DISCO has been at the forefront of developing AI to support legal processes. This is another example of our long-term investment in our AI center of excellence.”   

DISCO anticipates Cecilia will be commercially available in the US in 2023 following a phased rollout to current customers. To learn more about DISCO Cecilia and how it can help transform your legal practice, visit csdisco.com/discovery/cecilia.