Legal response compliance made easy

Gain complete visibility and control of your legal response process from a self-service enterprise platform

Screenshot: Automated response triage

Automated response triage

Automatically classify legal requests, subpoenas, and SOPs by type. Route every request to the right team member immediately with round-robin assignments by percentage of workload. Monitor response deadlines and track response acknowledgments and receipts easily.

Defensible compliance

Complete audit logs and comprehensive reports capture all activity and are easy to review and export at any time. Response delivery via a secure link portal ensures compliance with legal response requirements.

Screenshot: Defensible compliance
Screenshot: Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

No-code, self-service integrations make implementation fast and easy for legal and IT teams and free IT teams from the legal response process entirely. All workflows and playbooks are centralized for the legal team in a single, cloud-based interface, accessible and executable from anywhere at any time.

Made-for-legal workflows

Take advantage of intuitive workflows purpose-built for law enforcement and subpoena response teams to manage intake, routing, acknowledgment, drafting, response, and archiving up to 75% faster. A self-service administration panel lightens IT’s workload and further reduces personnel costs.

Screenshot: Made-for-legal workflows
Screenshot: Hosted legal request forms

Hosted legal request forms

Accelerate request intake, routing, and response with fully hosted forms in multiple languages for legal requests like law enforcement requests, civil process, and emergency data requests.

Cloud integrations

Automated integrations with registered agents such as CT Corp and CSC streamline, centralize, and standardize the intake of SOP documents, and can be set up with just a few clicks. Additional integrations with e-fax solutions enable fast response by email, secure link portal, HelloFax, and SendSafely. All activity is logged in a defensible audit trail and work product can be automatically archived with the Box integration.

Screenshot: Cloud integrations

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