Legal hold on easy mode

Gain complete visibility and control of your legal hold process with a self-service enterprise platform.

Screenshot: Instantly identify custodians

Instantly identify custodians

Identify custodians from anywhere in your data ecosystem in seconds using integrations with Active Directory, Google Directory, and HRISs like Workday and SAP SuccessFactors. Capture archived account data for custodians no longer with your company. Save custodians in custom groups to make identification in future holds even faster.

In-place preservation

Preserve data in place with a single click, leveraging automated integrations with enterprise applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, Dropbox, and Code42, and easily collect, and export that data from Slack, Google, and Box.

Automatically create matters in Slack Legal Holds, instantly preserve custodian conversations and direct messages, and collect that data for review

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, and instantly and automatically create holds and preserve data in M365 eDiscovery for Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Skype, and Sharepoint

Preserve Google Vault data (Gmail, Drive, Groups, Chat) in seconds, even for archived users

Screenshot: In-place preservation
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New Feature

Centralized cloud connection

Streamline hold-to-collect workflows for sources like Slack, Box, and Google Vault – with a complete audit trail – in one platform that centralizes preserving and collecting data directly from its source.

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Manage holds with ease

Easily maintain control of ever-evolving legal holds from a single interface. With just a couple of clicks, you can send customizable reminders, add custodians on the fly, send and track updated notices, notify and release custodians in source repositories, collect data, review reports and audit trails, and close matters.

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Screenshot: Manage holds with ease
Screenshot: Notify IT to preserve devices

Notify IT to preserve devices

Let IT know when it’s time to preserve, or image device data (to preserve) in just a couple of clicks using automated integrations with enterprise technology management applications like Oomnitza and Teqtivity. Stay aligned with your IT colleagues throughout the process with complete audit logs that capture all activity.

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Comprehensive audit trails

Achieve and maintain compliance with your legal hold and ediscovery collections policies quickly and defensibly. Review and export complete audit trails and extensive reporting at any time. Rest assured that you’re managing your legal holds from an application that leverages modern security best practices.

Screenshot: Comprehensive audit trails
Screenshot: Single system of record

Single system of record

Seamlessly collect, ingest, enrich, review, produce, and present your data using DISCO Hold, Ediscovery, and Case Builder together on an intuitive legal platform designed to support the entire litigation lifecycle.

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