Built for the unique legal needs of construction

Have large volumes of messy data for a review due yesterday? DISCO has played an essential role in construction matters ranging from a dispute on a single-family home to billion-dollar breach of contract cases like the Salesforce Tower litigation. Clients rely on DISCO Ediscovery and our expert teams to find the critical evidence they need quickly — saving weeks of time and millions of dollars.

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Collaborate with experts, clients, and co-counsel

Litigating a construction matter involves a bevy of interested parties and requires technology that facilitates collaboration. DISCO allows expert witnesses, outside counsel, and corporate clients to work together, using custom roles to control access to work product in the cloud. This drives better results and controls costs over the life of the case.

Faster insights = faster settlements

Imagine reducing review time to find critical evidence by 75% — how much earlier could all parties reach a resolution? With built-in analytics, best-in-class AI, and intuitive tools included in one flat fee, DISCO helps construction attorneys get to evidence that reveals potential exposure faster, without wasting time and money reviewing irrelevant documents.

Adaptable and built for scale

DISCO storage can scale at-will to handle your biggest, messiest data files — and our flat-fee pricing includes unlimited users to accommodate any size case team. Need to scale your team to meet a tight deadline? We’ve got you covered with our Managed Review (with an on-time, on-budget guarantee) and Professional Services teams.

A better way to work with complicated files

What use is a PDF rendering of an Excel sheet during review? Using DISCO, you can efficiently review and search unique file types used in construction like Microsoft Project, CAD, and Excel — even the formulas and hidden columns. Plus, even large files load in 1/3 of a second to accelerate your time to insight.

Get ahead of post-COVID-19 claims

As shelter-in-place orders subside, the construction industry will likely see an uptick in claims in the coming months. Share this checklist with your clients as you collaborate to help them manage and preserve claims, and prepare to defend against them.

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