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DISCO Success Stories for Construction

DISCO leverages cutting-edge AI, deep expertise, the ability to handle common construction data types, complex workflows, along with all-inclusive, predictable pricing to help our customers succeed in construction investigations and lawsuits.

DISCO helps big construction cases

8 million docs, 90+ reviewers, 1 manager — no problem

A litigation boutique, representing a sizable transportation authority, needed to process, deduplicate, and review approximately 8 million documents. As the task exceeded their in-house resources, they needed to leverage a third party team consisting of hundreds of managed reviewer attorneys, maintain quality control across the review set, and produce in a seamless manner. 

With the utilization of DISCO project managers, DISCO fulfillment partners, and DISCO Ediscovery, the client was able to onboard, manage, and complete an efficient review with more than 90 contract reviewers. Furthermore, the case lead was able to manage the contract review accuracy with DISCO real-time metrics and quality control sampling, meeting their production deadline with a trustworthy set of reviewed documents.

24 TBs with 120 users? DISCO delivers with no loss of speed, performance, or accuracy

A litigation boutique, representing a municipality in a construction dispute, needed to ingest and review 24 TB worth of productions from the opposing party in preparation for depositions and trial. 

Leveraging DISCO's sub-second search results and document navigation, as well as DISCO workflows to organize and manage this large-scale review, the litigation boutique was able to assemble a review team to get eyes on 24 TB of data. Despite the large amount of data and over 120 active users in the database, the firm saw no decrease in performance or interruption in their review workflows. Completing the review and analysis of these documents was a challenge otherwise impossible for the boutique to complete with their in-house resources.

A 1.4 million document production in just 2 weeks

A global law firm representing a UK company in a construction dispute had two weeks to produce relevant documents from their client’s initial collection of 1.4 million records with just six attorneys. 

Using DISCO's High-Speed Uploader, the firm was able to load and start reviewing all 1.4 million documents in just 10 hours. The firm then used DISCO's search term reporting to effectively reduce the review set to approximately 200,000 documents hitting on certain key terms. Harnessing the power of DISCO's AI, just-in-time batching, and AI-optimized workflow, the firm was able to meet their otherwise impossible production deadline while only having to review 1.85% of the initial document population.

DISCO helps corporate construction cases

DISCO enables seamless collaboration between counsel, experts, and client

An ENR Top 20 design firm brought suit against a project owner for breach of contract and resulting damages following the provision of design services for a manufacturing facility. With more than 5 million documents, the design firm needed a way to collaborate with outside counsel and experts to effectively prepare their case.

Using DISCO, the design firm created 36 users with unique permissions — from organization administrators to specialized access for experts. This enabled the design firm, outside counsel, and three different teams of experts to access and utilize the data stored in DISCO simultaneously, without exposing attorney work-product to experts. Not only did DISCO facilitate coordination, but by providing access to the platform, the design firm was able to use DISCO’s speed and performance to reduce total review time and speed up expert preparation. Taken together, these features enabled the design firm to save money and time in effectively prosecuting their case.

DISCO saves Fortune 500 engineering firm more than $400,000 in hosting costs

One of the nation's largest engineering firms needed to ingest and review 4 TB worth of data (that was likely to grow significantly once ingested) in order to prepare its defense in a multi-party arbitration. Given that the firm was going to be paying for the arbitrator's services and time on top of ordinary litigation expenses, cost predictability and transparency were critical factors in choosing an ediscovery partner.

As expected, the 4 TB of data expanded to over 6 TB after ingestion. Most ediscovery vendors would charge the engineering firm based on the expanded data footprint. With DISCO’s flat fee per GB and all-in-one pricing, customers are never charged for data expansion — saving the engineering firm more than $400,000 in hosting fees alone. With processing, OCR, analytics, AI, and production images included in the monthly hosting charge combined with our easy to use platform, DISCO was able to save the engineering firm over $1 million in ediscovery costs over the life of the matter as compared to legacy providers.

DISCO helps you get to evidence faster

DISCO AI reduces review population by 60%

In 2019, a large electrical contractor received a subpoena from the Department of Transportation regarding a multi-county public transit project in Northern California. They collected from a narrow set of custodians on a rolling basis, but still had over 250,000 documents to review with increasing pressure from regulators to produce responsive documents.

The contractor’s law firm already had a relationship with DISCO enabling them to get the documents loaded and available for review quickly with DISCO’s High-Speed Uploader. Using DISCO AI to prioritize the documents, the DISCO Managed Review team found 96% of the responsive documents while reviewing only 40% of the document population. DISCO’s review team averaged 74 docs per hour (34% faster than the industry average), even with the complex file types and intricate decision making surrounding responsive vs. not responsive materials.

DISCO facilitates complex de-duplication and deposition prep

A prominent construction litigation group within an Am Law 200 firm needed to migrate and combine several internal and externally hosted Eclipse and NetDocs databases worth of documents in preparation for multiple upcoming depositions and the upcoming trial.

DISCO’s professional services teams worked seamlessly with the firm and the corporate client to migrate the data with ease. DISCO deciphered the documents and load files that needed to be ingested for review, allowing de-duplication of documents from various productions and reducing the overall number of documents to review. Because DISCO was able to help merge the disparate productions from various parties, the firm was able to use search term reporting and targeted reviews to identify and organize documents for over 20 deponents representing seven different parties.

DISCO AI empowers preparation for cross complaints during initial review

An Am Law 200 firm represented a project developer in a breach of contract dispute brought by the general contractor who walked off a highly anticipated apartment complex development over cost and compensation issues. The firm not only had to prepare to defend this suit, but also prepare for anticipated suits between the defendants to the current action. This required more careful review for privilege and communications in anticipation of litigation than an ordinary document review.

Utilizing DISCO AI, the firm was able to set up predictive tags for several kinds of privilege including attorney-client privilege, attorney work product, and communications in anticipation of litigation between defendants. Utilizing these tags, the firm was able to go beyond simple keyword searches to identify and properly withhold key communications that would have been missed using keyword searches alone.

DISCO AI reduces review population by 75% — even with scanned files

A construction-focused litigation boutique represented a municipality in a lawsuit filed by the general contractor for more than $9.5 million in additional completion costs for work performed as part of the expansion of the city-owned convention center. The case quickly grew from three parties to over 20 parties and multiple cross-complaints. The firm needed to review more than 3 TB worth of data, including scanned copies of project files.

With such a large amount of data to review, the firm turned to DISCO’s Managed Review team for assistance. Utilizing an AI workflow to prioritize the responsive documents, the Managed Review team identified the responsive population for production while only having to look at 25% of the documents collected. Even with complex file types (like CAD drawings and MS Project Files) and scanned documents, the team was able to get the key evidence to the firm quickly.

DISCO enables cost savings

Canadian construction firm saves $1.8 million with DISCO

A Canada-based global law firm representing a client in a breach of contract and delay case needed to ingest and review more than 2.5 TB of data. Possible damages in the case, which was regarding the construction of a production plant, exceeded $180 million (US). With global reach and dozens of parties, the firm needed an ediscovery platform that allowed collaboration, but that also provided cost certainty for their client.

DISCO’s flat, all-inclusive fee proved to be the deciding factor. The firm loaded the 2.5 TB into DISCO and as expected, it expanded to over 4.8 TB when the data was processed for review. With 44 users and 4.8 TB of data, DISCO was able to provide lightning fast searches, unlimited user licenses, exhibit management, and true collaboration for this global team, all while saving more than $1.8 million in hosting fees compared to legacy providers over the the 28 months the case was in the DISCO database.

Review population reduced 42% while simultaneously identifying design drawings for separate review

A manufacturer involved in a construction defect and delay case needed assistance in reviewing more than 800,000 records, including more than 200,000 PDF design drawings. 

DISCO was able to develop a custom AI workflow designed to prioritize responsive, non-drawing documents while identifying and isolating potentially responsive design drawings for secondary review at a later date. Using this custom workflow, the review team was able to identify, review, and produce the responsive, non-design drawing documents in just six weeks while only reviewing 58% of the document population. Using the AI to identify the drawing documents enabled the manufacturer to set up a second, more specialized review once the bulk of the production was completed.

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