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Technology-Driven Transformation: A Guide For Law Firm Innovators & Strategists

Firms that want to thrive in a digital world that want to stand out, attract more business, and retain top talent — must embrace technologies that can augment and improve their processes. This is why so many firms are creating roles dedicated to innovation to identify new strategies and business opportunities that put technologies at the heart of their services. It’s important that innovators understand where technology can deliver the most effective results for their firms — how to buy it, and how to get people using it. Download this e-book to identify new strategies and business opportunities that can put your law firm a league ahead.

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Why Choose DISCO

“DISCO Is the best ediscovery platform I have ever used, I appreciate how easy to use and intuitive the tool is. I don't have to waste time in the system; I can quickly find what I'm looking for and get back to work."

Chris Reynolds
Co-founder, Reynolds Frizzell, LLP

“The best thing about DISCO Ediscovery is how user-friendly it is, for all levels of users. I can train the most anti-tech person and have them reviewing and tagging documents in 10 minutes (and loving it)."

Eve Rashby
Senior Paralegal, Tousley Brain Stephens PLLC

“DISCO Ediscovery has decreased total cost and made pricing more predictable.”

“DISCO Ediscovery is far easier to use, more efficient, and faster.”

headshot of Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson, Esq.
Partner, Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP

"We have definitely saved time and money by using DISCO.DISCO also allows us to keep billing in-house rather than passing on costs. Ultimately, DISCO software has made discovery more cost-effective for clients while also increasing revenue for the firm."

Randy Duncan
Senior Associate, McDowell Hetherington LLP
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