Twelve Days of Ediscovery with DISCO

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At DISCO, every day is ediscovery day! Of course, we don’t expect that same level of obsession from everyone in the legal industry — when it’s in your DNA to transform the discovery experience and empower legal professionals to focus on the practice of the law, that’s all you focus on each and every single day of the year.

But with the holiday season upon us, it’s a natural time for us to reflect and embrace the spirit of giving. No, we’re not talking about giving you another discovery matter, but rather a holiday tribute to the joys that is our discovery work.

So if there were to be “12 days of ediscovery,” what would each day’s gift be? Well, DISCO, of course! Here’s our take — sing along if you will!

Twelve Days Before the Deadline ...

When it comes to discovery, time is of the essence — and there’s never enough of it. Luckily, speed is one of DISCO’s key differentiators — so hold on for (rein)deer life! With 1/10-second search speed, 1/3-second document viewing, and 4 TB/day data uploads, DISCO is always providing case teams with a speed advantage.

Eleven Gigabytes to Produce ...

Need to produce 11 GB of documents at the 11th hour? With DISCO you can produce and download any number of documents you want quickly. Whether for internal investigations, government requests, or standard document requests with DISCO you will be sleighing it.

Ten Types of PII ...

Criminals be up to snow good! When it comes to protecting personally identifiable information (PII), DISCO’s mitigates risk by keeping data secure, confidential, and accessible 24 × 7.

Nine Reviewers for Review ...

From a small case with a handful of reviewers to multi-terabyte cases with hundreds of reviewers or other helper elves, DISCO’s workflow makes setup, management, and organization of document review easy — without sacrificing capability and control required by different processes or strategies. Or, talk to the DISCO Managed Review team for guaranteed on-time, on-budget managed review.

Eight Weeks to Review ...

DISCO AI will speed up your review by automatically presenting the most relevant documents (for your naughty and nice lists) without any setup or configuration. DISCO’s advanced AI gives precise predictions in a fraction of the time required for traditional review, and is extremely accurate not only for responsive reviews but also adaptable for use on changing reviews like compliance or anti-corruption investigations.

Seven Slack Archives ...

People are talking – on Slack, Facebook, Workplace, Bloomberg, writing letters to Santa, and more. DISCO can collect and process these conversations for review for you.

Six Gigabytes of Videos ...

Review videos directly in DISCO, along with any transcription text. Don’t have the transcription text? Don’t fret – like Rudolph, DISCO’s transcription services are here to save the day.

Five Million Emails!

Setting up batches using DISCO’s email conversation threading and inclusive email detection can reduce time spent on review by 36% — Santa can get through all his letters in no time. DISCO’s built-in email conversation analysis provides better context and reduces the amount of content attorneys must review.

Four Terabytes of Data ...

You wanted loads of presents but ended up with massive amounts of data? No problem. Thanks to being built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), DISCO can quickly and easily scale our processing resources on demand in a matter of minutes, to process terabytes of data on a daily basis.

Three Custodians to Collect ...

Got custodians in different parts of the country, or even (joy to) the world? DISCO Forensic Services offers full suite of end-to-end forensic services, including onsite and remote collections.

Two Huge RFPs ...

Yule be sorry if you don’t request a proposal from DISCO. We offer the industry-leading SaaS review technology and an experienced service team with the most transparent and predictable pricing in the industry for all of your discovery and services needs.

And a Happy Holiday Season to All!

All right, this last once may not directly relate to discovery, but at DISCO, we recognize that there are no greater gifts than our customers and employees. So to all of you near and far, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and much success in the new year — in discovery, and beyond!

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