TrustRadius Names DISCO to its Most-Loved List

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The best way to create a solution people love to use is to constantly seek user feedback. At DISCO, this takes many forms, like Law Review, Product Advisory Council, my role interviewing clients as Client Advocacy Manager, and our latest venture, user reviews on TrustRadius.

TrustRadius is an independent third-party site where verified users leave honest feedback on business platforms — kind of like a Yelp for software. We read every review, and have been delighted with the positive feedback and helpful suggestions so far. 

We were thrilled to find out this week that DISCO is one of the most-loved products on TrustRadius, joining the ranks of Squarespace, Hootsuite, and others. After examining reviews for 5,000 products for mention of the word “love,” TrustRadius ranked DISCO Ediscovery in the top 50 most-loved products for having the highest ratio of “love” per review. 

So what do our clients love the most about DISCO Ediscovery?

Speed and Performance

DISCO flat-out works when it’s supposed to: our uptime for 2019 was 99.997%. DISCO Ediscovery continues to be reliable no matter how large the dataset is. Plus, sub-second search results (even on multi-terabyte matters) and doc-to-doc rendering increase efficiency and in turn save their clients money. 

The speed of searching is a definite plus. I like how quickly the search function runs. - Verified User

Intuitive User Interface

Our clients love our UI. DISCO Ediscovery looks like the technology they are used to using — like your favorite shopping websites — rather than a complicated programming system more at home on Windows 95. When you are in a platform for hours at a time, having a visually appealing UI is important and appreciated. 

We have saved money for clients just by the ease of use saving so much time. Document review goes faster which means fewer hours billed to clients … I love the user interface; it’s thoughtfully designed and works across many different platforms and browsers. - Verified User

Ease of Use

Our clients love that the platform is easy to use. I’ve heard this similar story from multiple clients: a lawyer gives a new user their log-in credentials with the promise to train on the platform the next day, but by then the user has already figured out how to review documents and gotten started. DISCO enables our clients to get up and running quickly. 

DISCO software is easy to use for even the most entry-level document reviewer. All one needs to know how to do is browse web pages. - Randy Duncan, Senior Associate, McDowell Hetherington LLP

Our People

Our clients love our professional services team. While the technology gives complete control to the client and does not require anyone use project managers, when someone chooses to get a little extra help or a strategy consultation, they love that DISCO’s professional services feel like an extension of their team and provide expertise to help them maximize their performance. 

DISCO’s support team is the best in the business, bar none. I always feel free to call them about any concerns or problems I am having. I know that they will go the distance to ensure that my questions are answered and my concerns are assuaged. Even after hours, I have been able to get answers to my questions. Most importantly, their support staff is incredibly helpful and caring people, which is immediately apparent during the phone calls. - James Ponce, Litigation Paralegal

DISCO Makes Them Better

Our clients love that DISCO increases their efficiency, accuracy, and in turn helps them better serve their client. Bottom line: DISCO makes them look good, makes them better at their job, and differentiates them. 

We have saved our clients money given the unlimited licenses and no fees to process or produce a date … The predictability of pricing makes the usually uncomfortable discussion about ediscovery costs with clients less onerous … With DISCO, we can have a review up and running in 24 hours or less … DISCO is cheaper, faster, and easier to use than the competitors. - Adam Schwartz, Partner, Homer Bonner Jacobs

Read all the reviews (or show us some love) TrustRadius. Thank you to all of our clients that took the time to write reviews and provide us with feedback!

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Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall is the DISCO for Schools Program Manager. A recovering lawyer-turned-legal-technology-enthusiast, Caroline joined DISCO to focus on developing better products and services to improve the practice of law. She now heads the DISCO for Schools Program and is on a mission to arm students with the technology they need to be successful in their careers.