Small but Mighty: Little Features of DISCO Ediscovery that Make a Big Impact for Lawyers

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When you are reviewing documents for eight hours a day, a seemingly minor feature that makes the task just a little more efficient, or a little less painful, is the thing you grow to love the most. 

In fact, our users often share that they were attracted to DISCO Ediscovery for the pricing, speed, or advanced analytics, but they fall in love with our platform because of one little feature that makes their lives easier and saves them hours of work.  

(Of course, our engineering team knows these features are not “little.” Each new feature is a collaboration between design and engineering that has gone through several rounds of approval from legal professionals to ensure the feature is helpful. That it only registers for the user as a small part of the experience only speaks to the intuitive design of DISCO.)

Here are five of the most beloved small but mighty features in DISCO Ediscovery.

Ditto feature and keyboard shortcuts for tags 

See? Easy! The ditto feature in DISCO Ediscovery

Ditto is DISCO’s answer for the easy button! Whether you’re using AI prioritized review, organizing by email thread, or reviewing documents from a single custodian, every reviewer hits those streaks of documents where you’re applying the same tags over and over again. Even tagging a document as non-privileged and non-responsive can add seconds to each document (and hours each day). With DISCO ditto, you can copy your previous tag decisions to the current document with one click. 

Another tagging favorite: keyboard shortcuts. Just as Ctrl+S (or command +S if you use a Mac) removes steps to save a file, DISCO keyboard shortcuts make tagging faster. Instead of having to click a tag, you can simply hit Shift+Letter, for example “Shift+H” to apply the “Hot” tag to a doc. Keyboard shortcuts by default use the first letter of the tag word, but you can customize them to the shortcut of your preference. 

Creating tags on the fly 

Creating tags in DISCO Ediscovery

Let’s say you’ve hit your stride reviewing documents, but then you come across a document that needs a tag you haven’t created yet. You don’t want to have to stop your review, close out, and go create a tag in settings. With DISCO, you can create the tag on the fly right in the doc viewer, so you don’t waste time or get out of your groove. 

Sharing docs within the platform

Sharing documents within DISCO Ediscovery

What do you do when you find a document so exciting that you have to show your colleague? Or when you have a question about a document and want to securely send it to your client? In legacy software, you’d have to download the document and attach it to an email — and risk that email getting shared with someone you don’t want it to be shared with. With DISCO, you can simply share the document within the platform without having to download it. In addition, the document can only be viewed by someone with the permissions to access it, so there’s no risk of sharing with the wrong person. This keeps all of the documents in the system and secure, while facilitating easy collaboration. 

Retaining original file path

Original filepaths in DISCO Ediscovery

Your client calls and wants you to look at certain documents she believes are critical to the case and she tells you which folder she saved it in on her computer. In DISCO, you can see the original file path so this collaboration with your client is possible because you can see exactly how your client had organized the documents. With other ediscovery technologies, the client’s folder structure gets lost in the platform, which can cause quite a bit of confusion and frustration and hinder collaboration with your client. 

Email threading 

Email threading in DISCO Ediscovery

Nothing is more painful than having to review the same email over and over again because every time someone responds to an email, a new thread is formed, and the email appears yet again in your database. With email threading, DISCO eliminates the need to review the email multiple times by threading the entire email chain together so you only have to put eyes on the most complete version of the chain. We even capture where chains break into new ones, letting you review just the versions of the chain that contain differences without losing the context of when certain people were added or dropped from email chains. On average, email threading reduces the number of email requiring review by more than 30%. 

That’s just a few of the features our clients rave about the most. Didn’t see your favorite DISCO feature on the list? Email to let us know — we want to hear all about it! 

Not a DISCO user, but want to see these features in action? Chat with us now using the form on this page!

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Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall is the DISCO for Schools Program Manager. A recovering lawyer-turned-legal-technology-enthusiast, Caroline joined DISCO to focus on developing better products and services to improve the practice of law. She now heads the DISCO for Schools Program and is on a mission to arm students with the technology they need to be successful in their careers.