Keeping the Pace and Security of DISCO Review, Even Remotely

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Like so many others throughout the world, the DISCO Review teams were impacted by COVID-19. However, thanks to our innovative architecture, we were able to quickly ensure the health and safety of our reviewers by establishing a remote environment that kept the data of our clients secure. We’re still delivering guaranteed results for clients and doing so without sacrificing our performance or security.


Our review teams use Amazon’s WorkSpaces, a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, to provide a place for our reviewers to do their work while remote. Unlike laptops which can get damaged, stolen, or misplaced, these AWS systems are completely controlled by the DISCO IT team and are optimized to support DISCO’s platform. We’re able to prevent access to the DISCO application from any unauthorized device — and that means we can prevent client data from escaping or being inadvertently downloaded. Additionally, this system is fully auditable, and gives our review managers the tools they need to understand how the review team is performing. 

This software is much faster than legacy systems designed for remote work, helping our reviewers get the most out of the incredible doc-to-doc speeds of DISCO. This means that clients are not dependent on the quality of individual reviewers laptops or desktops to get maximal speed, efficiency and security out of the DISCO platform. 


DISCO’s managed review team is a vital part of our organization and we care about their health, safety, growth, and happiness. When the COVID-19 concerns arose, we immediately shut down both our headquarters and review office, and moved to a secure, connected work environment. 

DISCO Review teams join our review managers for group conversations every day (if not more often) using Zoom video conferencing to keep everyone aligned. We’ve provisioned instant messaging in a closed environment through Google Hangouts that keeps our review team in constant communication. Confidentiality of client data remains of paramount importance, and we require that reviewers work in a private, secure space where their monitor cannot be viewed by anyone else.


Some clients have expressed concerns about remote reviews experiencing a degradation in speed or quality, but thankfully our experience has been the polar opposite. We track every reviewer’s performance and we’re more than satisfied with the results. Our reviewers haven’t skipped a beat and are continuing to work at industry-leading speeds using our technology in their homes. 

We take the promises we make to our clients with our managed review guarantee seriously, and are pleased to continue to offer the only managed review guarantee in the industry — even while our reviewers are currently working remotely. 

The unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 are causing a major shift for our industry. Thanks to modern technology and our deep respect for our reviewers, we’re continuing to keep working and taking care of our clients during these unprecedented times.

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Anthony Colaizzo

Anthony Colaizzo is Vice President of AI Consulting at DISCO. Prior to joining DISCO, Anthony was a senior director at a business advisory firm where he was a specialist in the use of analytics tools and assisted with responses to government inquiries. He has also been the director of technology for a document review company and a practicing ediscovery attorney.