Bringing DISCO Magic to the Onboarding Experience

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During the recruiting process, many companies tout their onboarding programs and opportunities for professional development to show a vested interest in their employees.

But how often are the onboarding programs relevant, and how much is forgotten after the first week? A first day on the job will often look like this:

  • Paperwork, and lots of it (thankfully things are digital now, so fewer paper cuts)
  • Computer setup and personalization (you’ll remember your passwords this time around!)
  • (Virtual) lunch with your new colleagues (hoping you don’t ask any awkward questions)
  • Endless training and compliance videos (where less than 30% of the material applies to your specific job)

Since few of these new hire activities apply to what you’re actually responsible for, you’re left to figure out the systems, processes, and technology that you’ll need to make you successful. This is anything but a magical experience, and it’s exactly why we created DISCO University & Certifications.

DISCO University: a perfectly tailored new hire flotation device

The typical new hire fluff is what Jamal Speller had experienced when he started a new job – until he came to DISCO. Halfway through his first day, Jamal logged into DISCO University and quickly realized that this was a training program unlike anything he had experienced in his career.

“The fact that DISCO University & Certifications empowered me and was able to build my confidence, that’s something that clients see in every engagement that I have with them.” - Jamal Speller, Director, Project Management

So let’s recap how DISCO University helped Jamal thrive from Day 1:

  • An incredibly relevant, dedicated learning path for his role as a project manager 
  • A variety of short-format videos that made it easy for him to quickly learn new skills and get a refresh on concepts as needed
  • Live classes and dedicated office hours so he could level up his existing ediscovery knowledge and learn best practices from vetted industry experts
  • A DISCO Certification in project management, which was not only proof that he had mastered the DISCO platform but also gave him the confidence to be consultative with his clients to help them achieve their desired matter outcomes.

Grow your career (at DISCO!)

DISCO University & Certifications is one of the many ways we support our employees so they can not only develop the skills needed to be successful in their current role, but also grow their careers. Jamal was recently promoted to Project Director, where he manages a team of project managers who guide client data through the ediscovery lifecycle, provide product training, and advise them on best practices for early data assessment, document review, and production, to name a few.

To us, this is the perfect example of how DISCO University & Certifications ignite careers in the legaltech industry. Regardless of whether you’re a DISCO employee or a customer, DISCO University can help you advance your career goals too, just like it did for Jamal. And hey, we’re always looking to grow our team, so if you’d like to share your expertise and help us build the next generation of legal technology, join us!

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Meghan Marriott

Meghan Marriott is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has over 10 years leading SaaS-focused marketing initiatives, driving sales, sales education, and customer success.