8 Legal Professionals Share Their Experience Using DISCO

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Although we are living more and more in a data-driven world, that can sometimes make decision-making more difficult. Sometimes you just want to turn to a colleague you trust to get personal recommendations on products that actually work.

While DISCO certainly has some of the most impressive stats in the industry (like 1/3-second document viewing, >99% uptime, the fastest productions in the industry, 100% of guaranteed managed reviews completed on time and on budget, I could go on...), there are other, more intangible qualities to discovery platforms that legal professionals care about. For example, “What kind of benefits will my clients see?” and “Will using this platform make me hate my life?”

To answer these questions, we turned to eight DISCO clients — from partners to litigation support — to see what effect DISCO had on their practice. The results? Well...read on — or watch the videos to hear it straight from the source.

“I always tell clients: look, you will save money with DISCO.” 

Joe Ybarra, partner at Halpern May Ybarra Gelberg, uses DISCO because he can find key documents quickly and easily — which gives him a competitive advantage and drives better outcomes for his clients. He found DISCO to be “a world faster and more intuitive to use than any other product that I've seen” — which has big results on his bottom line. 

“I literally will do everything I can to use DISCO.”

Parisa Khademi, partner at Lewis Brisbois, calls DISCO Ediscovery “life-changing” because of how easy it is to use and how cost-effective it is. DISCO helps her better serve her clients and helps her manage the litigation budget. She has recommended DISCO to her colleagues and friends at other firms because she “has always had a consistently positive experience with DISCO.” 

“All I had to do was tell DISCO what my date was and they made it happen. In fact, they finished ahead of time.”

Kyre Stucklin, Practice Support Manager at Rutan Tucker, was already a big fan of DISCO Ediscovery, but when she needed 1.4 million documents reviewed in less than 45 days, she turned to DISCO Review and its on-time, on-budget guarantee. Ky shared how the managed review team leveraged DISCO’s AI technology to meet a tight deadline — in fact, watching the review helped her learn how to improve her own processes. Ky says DISCO’s guarantee gives her and her attorneys peace of mind: “It’s great to know that whatever my deadline is, I can call DISCO and I can get that deadline met.” 

“It just blows away the competition”

Dan Gutenplan, partner at Enenstein, calls his firm “very tech-driven” — and says DISCO is the only product that can move as fast as his firm, for databases big and small. “If you add up all the time because my system is running slower, that is actually costing my clients more money,” he says. “DISCO is the best thing that could have happened to these clients.”

“I've seen a marked improvement just in my own professional happiness”

Marissa Downs, construction litigator at Much Shelist, is not afraid to show opposing counsel her smoking guns early because that gets great results for her clients. Using DISCO’s AI, Marissa finds the evidence she needs quickly — effectuating early settlements and the best possible outcomes for her clients. 

With no added costs for things like productions or extra users, Marissa finds that “DISCO offers the client a good value proposition in terms of predictability and cost control...that monthly fee is something that clients like and they understand it.”

“I don't have to feel like I'm being held hostage to a third-party data vendor on their timeline.” 

In Jack Ligman’s litigation support role at Glancy Prongay & Murray, the true value of DISCO is helping him make the best use of his time. With other technologies, he is having to play tech support. But because DISCO works reliably, consistently, and intuitively, he isn’t constantly needing to help his team use the platform and he can focus on higher-value work. 

He also appreciates the control DISCO gives him over his data, from ingestion through production. In fact, Jack says when he tells attorneys they will be using DISCO for a matter, they usually smile. “If they've used it previously, they prefer it,” he says.

“It allows me to spend less time using it and align more time on practicing law.” 

Drew Koning left Big Law to start his own firm (Koning Zollar), and he uses DISCO to deliver the same level of ediscovery service he did back at the Big Law firm. A former software engineer, Drew was impressed by the speed, efficiency, and ease of use DISCO brought to his new firm. 

He still can’t get over the quick load time for documents. “Over a body of tens of thousands of documents, if you have a review attorney having to wait 30 seconds or 45 seconds to review a document, that can quickly add up,” he explains. “And those are billable hours that the client doesn't want to have to, or shouldn't have to pay for.”

“Had we not had DISCO, we were looking at finding those documents out of a needle in a haystack.”

Jesse Bolling, Senior Counsel at Enenstein, shares three specific stories about DISCO AI helped him achieve success. In one instance, opposing counsel produced documents the morning of a deposition. Jesse simply uploaded the documents into DISCO and had the key documents identified in 15 minutes so he could ask the deponent about these surprise new documents in the deposition that day. Take that opposing counsel!

We didn’t have enough time in these videos to cover stories from all of our clients — like the firm that was able to use DISCO without training and another who had effusive praise for our project managers. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you Joe, Parisa, Ky, Dan, Marissa, Jack, Drew, and Jesse for sharing your love for DISCO — we are blushing! 

Interested in sharing your experience with DISCO on camera? Email marketing@csdisco.com

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Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall is the DISCO for Schools Program Manager. A recovering lawyer-turned-legal-technology-enthusiast, Caroline joined DISCO to focus on developing better products and services to improve the practice of law. She now heads the DISCO for Schools Program and is on a mission to arm students with the technology they need to be successful in their careers.