Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy: 10 Reactions to Deposition Review in Case Builder

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Whether an attorney considers themself an emotional person or not, most get misty-eyed when they see Case Builder, DISCO’s deposition review platform, for the first time. They shed tears of joy over the end of administrative deposition work, and of mourning a career of nights and weekends lost to citation formatting. They spill their coffee when gesticulating the enormity of pain that Case Builder would spare their team. And, they curse.

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These lawyers were like you once. They thought “Marley & Me” would be a “feel-good” movie. They thought wearing pants would once again be a prerequisite to practicing — by May. And with the expectation that the printer will jam right before a filing deadline, they thought reviewing depos as PDFs was the way to find the evidence they needed to build a winning case strategy.

Then they reviewed those very same depositions in Case Builder, and everything changed.  

Today, we present 10 of these first-time Case Builder reactions by attorneys whose long-held beliefs about the drudgery of deposition review were shattered faster than they could lament, “Ctrl F that PDF.”

1. “If you’re looking for a software that can allow you to use your video depositions, pair them with your transcripts, and then pull pieces out and use them for trial purposes, this is it. I don’t know what else you would need. There isn’t any better software that I’ve seen.”

Immediately followed by, “That’s an ad right there for DISCO. I should do commercials for you guys.” Works for us.

2. “And to think that we’re paying all of these other vendors a fortune, and they can’t even do copy/paste.”

This was about to turn into a comic book villain origin story, we think. We were honored to have been there to prevent the creation of another evil madman who started as a frustrated lawyer.

3. “I'm sorry, you all have to just let me be by myself for a minute.”

Do whatever you need to do, Fantastic Early Case Builder Client. We’ll be right here, regularly releasing new functionality to keep ruining you for all other platforms. 

4. “You’re talking about the difference between riding the new Star Wars ride at Disney World and still hanging out on the teacups.”

The best part: no age or height restrictions on the Case Builder ride. 

5. “I need to calm down.”

Not for us, you don’t. Overexcitement can easily be channeled into gleefully depo tagging and instant witness dossier creation, as far as we’re concerned.

6. “This is not Perry Mason.”

These days, juries respond better to slick video footage synched to a rolling transcript than to some guy talking at them in a suit. Fortunately, we know a place you can create that faster than you can say, "What's my Sanction login?"

7. “Get the bleep out of here.”

So, admittedly, we didn’t. Who would leave a lawyer alone, crying in a Zoom Room, to contemplate the eons of torture they’ll never again suffer in the Bluebook-violating margins of a drafted brief — especially after they swore that Word has been consciously ignoring their default styles?

8. “I think it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Now, here’s a review that we can present without comment. You’re welcome.

9. “Holy bleep!”

While this is by far the most common expletive, we’ve found that these two simple words apply to a great many emotional scenarios. We’ve heard them uttered by a lawyer who feels:

  1. Relieved to eliminate the risk of missing case-making evidence due to reliance on keyword-searching individual depo PDFs
  2. Delighted to say goodbye to the tedious, manual work required to prepare work product for use in motions or at trial
  3. Anguished about what could have been, if only they’d had a platform like this for that matter that nearly drove them away from law entirely. What could they have known, and how early in the life of the matter, with better tools?
  4. Curious about which other processes or workflows commonly relied upon in their practice could be streamlined, scaled, upgraded, or eliminated.
  5. Baffled at how anyone can continue practicing without Case Builder now that it’s in the world. How can they look at their highlighters and sticky notes the same way?

10. “How have you not taken over the world already?”

We promise to only use our powers for good.

No attorneys have suffered more than a few minutes of stupor after exposure to Case Builder. If you or an attorney you know is suffering from the inability to collaboratively review depositions with their case teams, repeated loss of work product with each new litigation stage, and mountains of low-value administrative tasks to leverage work product in motions or at trial, well...you know where to direct them

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Susan Stuehrk

Susan Stuehrk is the senior manager of product marketing at DISCO. She has over 10 years of experience driving sales and go-to-market strategy for SaaS and AI technology companies.