See the Future of Legal Practice With AI-Enabled Legal Tech

Nothing ever improved by staying the same – transformation is key to thriving and legal technology can help change the way you approach everyday tasks. Take a look through our hub of assets to see how great AI-enabled legal tech is improving outcomes for firms across the globe.

Business Case Guide

Build a Business Case for Technology That Resonates

Secure investment for DISCO’s transformative legal technology with our guide to building a successful business case at your firm. Full of practical tips and strategies on how to develop consensus amongst your colleagues, handle objections, showcase value, and ensure a winning adoption strategy — all the information you need to champion innovation at your firm.


DISCO Expert Opinion

Views and opinions from DISCO’s business and technology leaders.

Transform with technology

4 Trends Powering Legal Innovation

Legal technology doesn’t create successful law firms, it enhances successful law firms — read what every lawyer should know about the positive effect of using great technology, and what all firms should know about making technology stick.

Transform with technology

Transform Edisclosure with AI-powered Technology

We reveal how artificial intelligence-powered legal technology is transforming edisclosure and dispel the myth that automation of data-focussed tasks is more than what it says on the tin — a way to help lawyers focus on the value-generating tasks that matter!

The Road Ahead

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Law — Fast Track to Success

Artificial intelligence can’t do lawyers’ jobs, but it can help them focus on the tasks that matter. We reveal how savvy law firms are utilising artificial intelligence to maximize productivity by automating the data-focussed tasks that inhibit value-generation.